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145 Belated Birthday Messages – Be Late Happy Birthday

Belated Birthday Messages Be Lated Happy Birthday

Belated Birthday Messages – Be Late Happy Birthday. We Have Some Great Happy Belated Birthday Wishes To Make Sure They Know You Care, Even If It’s A Bit Late. When you accidentally reverse a month and a date, get your best friend’s birthday mixed up with your cat’s or just get wrapped up in the craziness of life, it’s time to send some heartfelt belated birthday wishes instead of the regular happy birthday messages. Though we live in a social media age where it is impossible to forget someone’s birthday because of notifications, still, important things slip from our minds. Sending happy belated happy birthday images with wishes to your loved ones is perhaps the best way to rectify your mistake of forgetting birthday and make things better again with the respective person.

Below you’ll find a selection of messages for belated happy birthday wishes, presents you with a enormous selection of belated happy birthday images in HD that are free to download from here and can be shared easily to all social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These belated happy birthday images are royalty-free and created keeping in mind your sentiments. Download as many belated birthday images as you can and refer to this post in your social circle as well. See more ideas quotes about birthday, birthday wishes, birthday.

#1. It’s a late one but surely not a fake one; from the deepest part of my heart, I really wish that your life will always be filled with joy, love, and happiness! Happy belated birthday!

#2. If you were not always one step ahead of me, I’d just wish you at the right time! It’s not my fault anyway. Happy belated birthday!

#3. It took me some time to believe that you’re getting older. But then I thought you’re getting wiser too! Happy belated Birthday!

#4. Happy belated birthday to a wonder who knows how to make a family from everybody and anybody they meet. You are love personified! All the best, and I’m so sorry that I’m late.

#5. How do you do what you do when you’re just being you? Please carry on doing that because we all love you just the way you are. Never, ever change. You are awesome. Happy belated birthday.

#6. Happy belated birthday to a wonderful person who is always smiling through happiness and pain. I wish you more and more happiness this year and always. I’m sorry I’m late, but you’re always in my heart.

#7. Happy belated birthday my love. May all your wishes come true!

#8. Wishing happy birthday on-time is just too mainstream. So, I decided to be a little late. I hope you had a great birthday!

#9. The bad news is that I forgot your special day and the good news is that I forgot your age too. Have a delightful belated birthday!

#10. Despite being late, this birthday wish is filled with warmth, love, and sincerity. Maybe this year will bring you success both personally and professionally. Happy belated birthday.

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#12. Is it correct to say “happy belated birthday”? You might be wondering, is it correct to wish someone a “happy belated birthday”, or should you say “belated happy birthday”?

#13. However, most people aren’t too pedantic and it is quite acceptable to use either phrasing. “Happy belated birthday” is commonly used, and you’ll find many greeting cards in the store that use that phrasing.

belated birthday wishes for him

#14. I checked Google for the best “belated birthday wishes”, “late birthday greetings”, “sorry for missing your birthday” and “late birthday wishes”, but the best one comes from my heart when I say “Hope you had a great birthday.”

#15. Even though this greeting has come to you a bit late, it is full of love, positivity, and good wishes. Happy belated birthday!

#16. You need to look older than last year before you expect me to wish you a happy birthday. How else am I supposed to know it’s your birthday?

#17. I always try to find different ways to impress people. This time, I tried to be late wishing a happy birthday. I’m sure you’re impressed!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend

#19. Late birthday wishes do not ruin the fun, but they make the occasion last a little longer. Happy belated birthday to my friend forever!

#20. I am late in saying Happy Birthday to you and maybe even the last to say it this year. So is it true that you should save the best for last?

#21. Even though this greeting comes to you a little late, the wish it brings for happiness is good on any day date. Happy late Birthday

#22. Every so often, I happen to forget the most important of occasions. And this is one such day. I apologize for my tardiness. Happy belated birthday, friend!

#23. I am saddened and very sorry I missed your birthday. My birthday wishes to you might be late, but that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish you as a friend. Our friendship, to me, is a priceless gift from above. Happy belated birthday, dear friend.

belated birthday wishes for sister

#24. Can you believe you celebrated the big 4-0 already? 40 is the new 20, so let’s make this year a wild one! Happy belated birthday to my best friend in the entire world!

#25. I decided to send your card late, so the excitement of your birthday would last even longer. The older we get, the more we have to celebrate. Think of all of the memories – good times, bad times, and all of those in between. Every memory has molded us into who we are today, and that is a blessing in and of itself. Happy belated birthday to you, my friend!

#26. Knowing how much fun you can be, I assume that the party is still going and that I am not late for your birthday. Keep on having fun.

#27. I will always be your best friend who loves to insult you. Belated birthday wishes to you, buddy!

#28. You’re such a good friend with lots of wonderful gifts. Lucky for me, one of them is forgiveness! I’m sorry I missed your big day.

#29. Happy Birthday to a warm, understanding, kind, fun, and special friend. See? (Wasn’t that worth waiting for?

#30. Although my birthday wish is too late, my best wishes for your health and happiness are good 365 days a year. Hope you had a happy birthday.

#31. You have so many good qualities in you, but the one that makes me feel lucky all the time is your forgiveness. Happy belated birthday dear friend!

#32. Friends wish together, best friends wish alone. Now that the whole world has already wished you, it is my turn. Happy belated birthday, dumbo. Stay happy and stay smiling.

#33. They say, “Good things come to those who wait.” Here is a good wish of a happy belated birthday to you, my friend! Enjoy this wish and more next year.

#34. You have not only been a great boss but also a wonderful friend. I’m sorry I missed your special day. Happy belated birthday.

#35. We hope you like the many belated birthday wishes on this page, and find the right words to wish your friends and family all the best, even if you’re a few days late!

#36. Sure, everyone remembers you on your birthday. But a true friend remembers you in the days after too.

#37. Happy Birthday to my dear friend…I am a little late. I hope that you enjoyed the day. Sending you my best wishes and blessings for a happy and prosperous year to come.

#38. Whoops-a-daisy! Happy belated b-day from your forgetful friend.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Her

#40. Having someone like you as a girlfriend is a blessing. Thanks for being so understanding and forgiving. Happy belated birthday my love!

#41. I know I’m late and you know you can’t forgive me for this one but hey, we can both pretend that it was on time and everything is just fine. Happy belated birthday!

#42. I am so sorry for forgetting your birthday. I hope you had a good time anyway and that you have a wonderful year to come. Belated Happy Birthday, dear one.

belated happy birthday wishes

#43. Oh dear, I missed your birthday. Sorry about that. I hope it was fabulous. I wish you good health and happiness for the year to come. Receive my belated birthday wishes.

#44. Our family is so much better having known you. You bring joy and laughter to our lives and warmth and peace to our souls. You, dear one, are amazing. Happy Belated Birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Him

#46. One of the reasons I fall in love with you because of your big heart. Hope you can find forgiveness for me there. Sorry for not wishing you on time. Happy belated birthday sweetheart.

#47. Belated birthday wishes. I hope your big day was as amazing as you are.

#48. Just because this birthday wish is late, doesn’t mean you aren’t special to me. I hope your big day was wonderful.

#49. Silly me! I missed your birthday! I’m so sorry. Happy birthday, albeit a little late!

#50. Everyone sent you birthday wishes yesterday. Bet they aren’t thinking of you today like I am.

#51. My heart is deeply and by heart sorry for forgetting your birthday sweetheart. Hope you are not considering breaking up with me. Please forgive me handsome. Happy belated birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother

#53. I guess along with my hair, I am losing my memory as well. See, I missed the birthday of my dearest brother. Happy belated birthday to my baby boy!

#54. I thought about you all day yesterday. The thought of you aging is still a new feeling to me, but I pray you will forever be young at heart. Happy birthday, brother!

happy belated birthday messages

#55. The day of your birthday may have gone by, but the happiness you are in this world will always stay. Happy Late Birthday Bro.

#56. Having a brother like you is a blessing. But forgetting this special day of yours is a crime. I am sorry brother. Happy belated birthday to you!

#57. I may have forgotten your birth date this time, but I have not forgotten your age. You’re all grown up, little brother. Happy belated birthday to you!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister

#59. I did not wish you on purpose to see how mad you get at me for this. I think I can cool you down with my affection and gift. Happy belated birthday dear sister.

#60. Hey, my sincere apologies for the late wishing on your special day. I am sending you prayers, wishes, blessings, and prosperity in the coming years. Happy belated birthday, dear sister/brother!

#61. Did I miss anything yesterday? I think it was my lovely sister’s or brother’s birthday. I am extremely sorry I am late in wishing you a happy birthday, just like in everything. Happy Belated Birthday! God bless you all! ”

#62. I know I’m the one who brings more life to the party, so it probably sucked without me. Belated happy birthday, dear sister.

#63. Beautiful sister, I hope you had a great time at your birthday party? I am sorry I couldn’t be part of it. Belated happy birthday, dear.

happy belated birthday wishes

#64. It is never like I forget to wish you on time, I just planned you to wish you with a grand gesture on the next day. Happy belated Birthday dear sister.

#65. Did I miss something yesterday? I think it was my sister’s birthday. I am late to wish you a happy birthday, just like I am late at everything. God bless you!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Colleague/Boss

#67. Always remember, only wine and men get better with time. Belated happy birthday to my wonderful colleague.

#68. Wishing you a successful, happy, and healthy life. Happy belated birthday to a very special boss.

#69. We share such a profound bond that even if I wish you late, you will consider it as the first birthday wish of your day. Belated happy birthday to my buddy!

#70. Wishing you a belated birthday dear colleague. I am so sorry to forget it, but I hope you will accept my thoughtful gift. Thank you for being here.

#71. I do take from you the trait of a workaholic and therefore, I am late to wish you on his birthday. Happy belated birthday boss.

#72. I am so sorry I forgot to wish you on your birthday. Never think that you are not in my thoughts for all this time. I am lucky to have you as my co-worker. Happy belated birthday dear.

#73. I thought you were celebrating wild and party hard, that is why I did not wish you earlier. Happy belated birthday my dear colleague. I wish you all the best wishes.

Romantic Late Birthday Wishes

#75. I’m very sorry about forgetting your special day, so please accept this belated birthday wish in the spirit it is given. Hope your birthday was incredible, just like you.

#76. I confess my guilt for not wishing you on your birthday. I hope you will have mercy & let me compensate for the loss I have caused you by this. You will have the best birthday gift in your life!

#77. You are everything that I hold close to me. I may have forgotten your birthday, but my love for you is always constant deep in my heart. Happy belated birthday my love!

#78. This year you turned 30, so I thought that you wouldn’t celebrate your birthday. That’s why I skipped the wishing part. But I was wrong. Wishing you a belated happy birthday.

#79. Another year passed before I could buy a birthday card for you. That’s why I’m late to wish you a happy birthday.

#80. Maybe all your dreams will come true! I’d like to wish you a belated happy birthday!

#81. I love the way you are, so I hope you will not change your colors for the world. Rather, let your colors touch and change the world. Happy Belated Birthday!

#82. This late birthday message along with gifts is a gentle reminder to me as well as you that this is the first and the last time I missed your birthday. It’s not going to happen ever again.

#83. Double kisses and double hugs are your bonus gift to make up for being late to wish you a Happy Birthday.

#84. With you, my life is a fantasy. I feel like I’m living in a world of dream. And while I was dreaming, I barely noticed that it was your birthday the other day! Forgive me, dear. Happy belated birthday to you!

#85. I will not show any excuse for why I missed the birthday of the most important person in my life. Sorry for forgetting your birthday. You are and always will be my special one. Happy belated birthday!

Funny Belated Birthday Messages

#87. If your birthday were anything more important to me than eating delicious cakes, I would have wished you just at the right time. Anyway, Happy belated birthday my friend!

#88. I am wishing you a late birthday because I believe this will make you feel younger. I do care for you so much. Happy birthday!

#89. I like to wish people a Happy Birthday at least 11 months in advance, so my greeting from last year was meant to cover this birthday. Anyway, Happy Birthday again.

#90. My pen ran out of ink, my mind was out of “think.” Happy late birthday.

#91. Hope you had a great birthday. I missed eating your cake on your birthday, so I plan to eat at least two desserts today to make up for it.

#92. Happy belated birthday. May you grow to the age that your driving terrifies everyone.

#93. I did not forget your birthday, I just wanted to make it last longer. Happy Belated birthday dear.

Short Belated Birthday Greetings

#95. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyone who beholds will agree, you’re a total knockout! Happy (a little bit late) birthday.

#96. Hey, beautiful! Since everyone else wished you a happy birthday on the actual day, I thought I’d be cool and save my greetings for later. I hope you had a fantastic special day!

#97. There is nothing more beautiful, except maybe you, than forgiving someone who forgot your birthday.

#98. Belated Happy Birthday to the most forgiving and understanding person I know. No one in the whole world gets me like you do. I promise to be timely next time.

#99. I am not late in wishing you, but I thought that a special person like you must also celebrate the next day of the date of birth.

#100. I became tired while doing the planning for your birthday and forgot the date. I’m sorry! Happy Belated Birthday!

#101. I am sorry that I let the busyness of life distract me from the important things. I wish I didn’t miss your birthday, but I wish you all the very, very best for the coming year. May all your dreams come true.

#102. I am so sorry that I missed your birthday this year – I hope it was a remarkable celebration. Please allow me to send you an after party wish for everything best in the coming year. May you achieve all that you set out to do, and may the universe smile upon you.

#103. There may be millions of explanations for missing your birthday, but really, I’m just an idiot.

#104. Sorry for sending your birthday gifts via snail. I should have sent them via rabbit. Happy late birthday.

#105. Good news! I survived the hurricane, but your birthday card, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky.

#106. I decided to send you birthday wishes a little late because, as you know, I’m always late and I was afraid that if I was on time you might not believe it was truly from me!

#107. Lucky for me, I am getting old, so I have a good excuse for being late.

#108. I know this card is late, but I just wanted to give you time to catch your breath after blowing out ALL of those candles!

#109. Happy Belated Birthday! (Leave it to me to say the right thing at the wrong time… sorry!)

#110. The reason my birthday wishes are coming at the end is that I wanted to save the best surprise for last.

#111. I know it’s embarrassing to wish the person a late happy birthday who matters the most in life. Along with my heartfelt apology, accept my special late birthday wishes!

#112. There is one thing that allures me the most about birthday wishes – better late than never!

#113. I am so sorry I am late, and I hope it was a lovely, lovely birthday celebration! I wish you an inspiring year ahead, with lots of sunny days, and smiling faces to light your way.

#114. I am really sorry that these birthday wishes arrived late, but I didn’t want to miss it altogether because every year is an important celebration. In the past year, you have overcome challenges and you’ve found new insight. It’s been a pleasure to witness you growing. I wish you continued insight and meaning as your journey unfolds.

Happy Belated Birthday Quotes

#116. I hope you experience yourself more fully this year, and that you appreciate how talented and interesting you really are! Happy belated birthday. I hope you understand that I missed your special day. I’m so sorry.

#117. Maybe this year will be a fresh start for you. Leaving the pain of yesterday behind, may you rise again and experience the newness of this stage of your life. Happy belated birthday to a very special person who has been through a lot. You deserve to experience the good things again!

#118. Happy belated birthday to you! I’m sorry I missed the day. I hope the year ahead brings you nothing but pleasant surprises, good news, lovely new connections, and great experiences! All the best to you.

#119. Happy belated birthday to a really motivated person. You can do it. Go for your dreams! Your fan club is supporting you, and I’m part of it!!

#120. Happy belated birthday to someone special who values people above all else. I learned many important life lessons from watching you. You are admired in the nicest ways. All the best.

#121. Happy belated birthday to someone who has walked the talk, and who always follows through. You are as solid as a rock! All the best, and thank you for being there!

#122. Happy belated birthday to you, darling person! I know that nothing is as it seems, and you smile even when there are tears inside. I’m proud of you for taking your stand in life, and for doing what needs to be done. I wish you success and joy.

#123. As the colors of the sky change at that beautiful time of evening, so your colors are changing at this beautiful time of your life. It is truly more magnificent than the sunset, and I hope you are enjoying your own unique hues! Happy belated birthday, beautiful soul.

#124. Like the colors of the rainbow, you are subtle yet spectacular! I hope you will always sparkle in life the way you do! Happy belated birthday. Please forgive me for being late.

#125. Happy belated birthday to one who can’t help standing out like a rose among the thorns! You are beautiful inside and out. Stop hiding and just be yourself!

#126. Happy belated birthday wishes to somebody who just can’t help twinkling like a star. May all of your dreams come true, and most importantly, may you learn to love yourself!

#127. Happy belated birthday. You are a kindred spirit, and I want only the best for you. May your light shine brightly from within.

#128. In this section you’ll find a mix of short and sweet, and funny belated birthday wishes to help you sincerely apologize for missing his or her birthday, and to wish them all the best for the year ahead… even if you’re a few days late!

#129. Sometimes we just need to press restart and go back to the beginning! It’s a new year for you as you celebrate another birthday. And I hope this opportunity to restart will bring you renewed vitality and motivation. Happy belated birthday to a special and deserving person.

#130. Remember that you are worthy of the best just because you are here! Although you do many awesome things, you don’t need to earn the right to be worthy of life. You just are! Happy belated birthday to an awesome person. Please forgive my late message.

Happy Belated Birthday Images

#132. I didn’t forget your birthday. I just didn’t want you to get all your birthday wishes on the same day.

#133. Hope you had a wonderful birthday surrounded by people who didn’t forget it. Sorry that I missed your big day!

#134. Hope you had a wonderful birthday surrounded by people who didn’t forget it. Sorry that I missed your big day!

#135. I know it’s too late to wish you a Happy Birthday, so instead I’m wishing you a happy day today.

#136. I’m so sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was spectacular.

#137. Special wishes for the people in your life who have extraordinary inner and outer beauty.

#138. I promise this card isn’t late. It is intentionally arriving after your birth-day, because I think you deserve a whole birth-month. Happy Birth-month!

#139. I didn’t forget your birthday! I just wanted to make it last longer!

#140. Now that everyone else’s birthday wishes have worn off, here’s a great big one from me!

#141. Even though this is late, it’s never too late to wish you the best of everything. I hope you have a brilliant year ahead! Happy Birthday.

#142. Just when I thought everything in my life was going fine, I missed the most important thing – your birthday. Belated happy birthday wishes with apologies.

#143. I missed your birthday, but I think that permits you to celebrate it all over again! Maybe take the whole week or month. Happy Birthday.

#144. Baby, The fact that I am sending you this late birthday wish doesn’t in any way mean that I don’t care about you. I’m deeply sorry. I hope you spent a wonderful time. You are always in my heart. Happy Belated Birthday!

#145. Darling, despite the delay in my birthday wishes to you, please know that I am very ashamed and very sorry for that. I promise to make it up to you. Have the best belated happy birthday, my baby!

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Late Birthday Wishes

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