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65 Best Birthday Messages for Twins

Best Birthday Messages for Twins

Birthday Messages for Twins: Twin birthdays are rather special. While birthdays are usually celebrated for a single individual, these birthdays celebrate the arrival of two unique persons on Earth within minutes of each other! You can pick up unique twin babies’ birthday wishes, funny wording, and birthday messages for twins from the following. Let’s send beautiful blessings and well wishes on that special note to the twin baby, twin sisters, and brothers.

Birthday Messages for Twins

“Twice as blessed to have you and twice as proud of you both! Happy birthday, boys!”

“You two are growing up too fast and we are so happy to have you! Happy birthday to my wonderful sons.”

“Friends come and go, but we will always be a special kind of friend, sharing a bond that formed before we were born. Happy Birthday!”

“Happy birthday our beloved twins! Lots of love from Mom and Dad, and thanks for making our everyday lives twice as fun!”

“The two of you together are like the moon and the stars, you make my nights brighter. Never lose those cheerful personalities. Happy birthday, boys.”

Best Birthday Messages for Twins 1

“I thought and thought, but no matter how much I try to think, there is no birthday wish so beautiful that it befits the both of you. Happy birthday to you both, birthday twins!”

“Watching you two grow up has been the joy of my life. Always know I am here for you and will support you in whatever way I can. Happy birthday to my twins from your loving mother.”

“Happy birthday to the most fun duo on this planet! I wish you two the best of luck and plenty of adventures ahead!”

“You may be two separate people, but you are certainly one great mind! Happy birthday, twins, and all the best!”

“As you grow, I hope you continue to support each other through highs and lows, through good days and bad. Happy Birthday, my twin boys!”

“Oh, to be celebrating two wonderful children’s birthdays on the same day! Happy Twinsie Birthday!”

“Happy birthday, twins! I hope today is filled with lots of everything!”

Sweet Birthday Messages For Twins

“Being parents of twins almost makes us superheroes! Happy birthday to our lively boys, we are so proud of you!”

“Beautiful twins with beautiful hearts – happy birthday! Your presence just shows that good things do come in twos, not threes!”

“If I had to choose between being a millionaire and knowing the two of you, I would pick knowing you. You guys make life so much fun. Happy Birthday to the best brothers around!”

“Happy birthday to my twin sister who I share so much more than just genes and a birthday. Happy birthday, wishes.”

“Happy birthday, brat and brattier, I hope this new year makes you two happier.”

Best Birthday Messages for Twins 2

“Happy birthday twins, you may receive many gifts today, but none of them can be more special than the gift of each other! Happy birthday, twins!”

“Happy birthday to my same-same. I know we are alike, our habits are the same, our activities are identical, still, we are different in our ways, and I love that.”

“Happy birthday, twin sister! Twin sister means a double dose of happiness in the house.”

“Happy birthday to the most energetic twin boys I know!”

“A birthday is even better when it’s for twins like you because you have two fantastic people to celebrate and to sing happy birthday!”

“Happy Birthday to my twin sisters! No one else could make my life so much fun! Can’t wait to celebrate this special day with you. Cheers to many more!”

Birthday Wishes For Twins

“To my crazy twin sisters on their birthday – we’ve always driven each other batty, but that’s what siblings do! Can’t wait for more crazy fun years with you two. Happy Birthday!”

“Happy birthday to the two most funny pranksters I have ever met. Let’s celebrate this wonderful day.”

“Happy birthday god brought two miracles into your family when you two came along.”

“Happy birthday to my special twin girls! You are both so special to me and make my life that much more amazing. Get ready for an awesome birthday!”

“I thought and thought, but no matter how much I try to think, there is no birthday wish so beautiful that it befits the both of you. Happy birthday to you both, birthday twins!”

Best Birthday Messages for Twins 3

“You two fight over everything I hope you won’t fight over my wishes for you I only have one wish for both of you a happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday, twins two for the price of one. My favorite twins are so much fun! Happy birthday!”

“As you both fight over almost everything. I’ve brought wishes for you both. May you have a blasting birthday!”

“I hope we always continue to encourage and support each other the way we always do. Happy birthday.”

“I wish you the best that life has to offer, my dearest twin. Happy birthday to us!”

“Double the trouble, double the laughter, and double the love! Happy birthday to the best twins in the world!”

“Happy bday to my favorite person!”

Beautiful Birthday Texts For Twins

“May this birthday brings you lots of love and bliss. Happy birthday and all the best to the best twins!”

“What a beautiful blessing it is to have two bundles of joy at once! Happy birthday to both of you!”

“Split the cake two ways because it’s the twin’s birthday.”

“Thank you for being my best friend and for always understanding me, even when I don’t have the words to express my thoughts and feelings. Happy birthday to the better half of me.”

“We have been twice as blessed, but twice as grateful as well! Happy birthday to our twin girls, may you conquer the world!”

Best Birthday Messages for Twins 4

“I am blessed that I came into this world with you. I wish we always stay together and never be separated by anyone. A very happy birthday to my beautiful twin sister!”

“Twins, do you say happy birthday to each other? Or if you look in the mirror and say happy birthday is it like saying it to your twin? Inquiring minds want to know. But mostly they want to wish you a happy birthday.”

“For twins as special as you, this birthday has to be amazing! We’re so thankful we can spend this momentous day with you. Keep being the amazing kids you are – we love you!”

“Life was filled with twice the cheerfulness and fun when the two of you stole the show. Happy birthday!”

“We couldn’t decide if we wanted a boy or a girl, so we had to have both! Happy birthday to our twins. Mom and Dad love you a lot!”

Happy Birthday Quotes For Twins

“Happy birthday twin sons have a day full of joy and unforgettable cheer.”

“You’re two peas in a pod, Friends by choice, brothers by blood! Love always wins, Happy birthday, twins!”

“When I think about my childhood, you’re always there in my thoughts. Thank you for making my childhood so adventurous. Happy birthday, my twin sister!”

“Nobody can understand me the way you do, my dearest brother. Happy birthday to my other half.”

“I woke up today wondering why the sun was shining brighter and the birds were singing more joyfully. Then I remembered that it is your birthday, which calls for a dual celebration. Happy birthday, my twin boys.”

Best Birthday Messages for Twins 5

“Happy birthday to two people is known as one. Enjoy your special day. Twins happy birthday!”

“There are two reasons to celebrate today! Happy B-Day to your twin boys, may they grow stronger together!”

“I feel honored to be celebrating a twins’ birthday! Time spent with both of you is always awesome, and celebrating your birthdays is even more awesome! Happy birthday, twins!”

“Happy Birthday, Twinsies! Double the love, double the joy, and double the presents!”

“There are a few who are lucky enough to have a friend for life. Each of you is lucky that way. Happy birthday to the sweetest and best twin boys!”

“I hope the bond you share strengthens with time. Always support each other in every walk of life. Happy birthday!”

Birthday Prayers For Twins

“Happy birthday to the most amazing twins that I know! You’ve always been each other’s support system, and it’s always nice to see this type of bonding between sisters and twins. Cheers! Happy birthday to the twins”

“Happy birthday twins sister on our birthday, I want to express my gratitude for having you in my life. Wishing you a very happy birthday, twin sister!”

“Happy birthday to the most unique pair of twins this world had the chance to welcome! May god grant you all the wishes double!”

“It’s your birthday! The next chapter in your life begins today. Have fun today.”

“You double the love in my life being my twin brothers, so I’m doubling the birthday wishes for you today! Thank you for being part of this crazy family with me. Happy Birthday!”

“Here is to another year of great adventures, happy memories, and lots of love times two! Happy birthday to my favorite twins!”

Best Birthday Messages for Twins 6

“Having twin sisters is pretty fun, even if you do make me crazy sometimes! Happy birthday to the best twins I know. I wish you an amazing year ahead with love and laughter.”

“With all my heart I hope that you remain happy for the rest of your lives. Happy birthday, my dear kids!”

“Girls always need a best friend, and I am happy that I found a friend in you, my twin sister! Happy Birthday, my twin sister. I am so happy that we have each other.”

“You both have something unique to add to this world. May you continue to shine brighter as the years go by. Happy Birthday, my twin babies.”

Happy Birthday Messages For Twins Sisters and Brothers

“Keep calm and happy birthday to my twin cousins! You two are the most adorable twins in the universe! Happy birthday to all those tiny toes and fingers.”

“I feel blessed that I have you to share my problems with. I need to dial your number, and you’re always there to listen to my endless complaints. Thanks for being so patient with me. I love you, my dearest brother. Happy birthday to us!”

“You make life twice as fun and twice as hopeful! Happy birthday to the most inspiring twins ever born!”

“Happy birthday you have brought so much joy into my life, thank you my cuties!”

“Birthday wishes for twins.”

“Everybody wants a twin, but only some cool kids get one. You two are super lucky and super wonderful! Happy birthday, twins!”

“When I look at you, it is like looking into a mirror. I look amazing. Happy birthday!”

“Life is always better when there is someone to share it with, and I am glad that I got to share my childhood with you. Happy Birthday, my dearest twin brother.”

“What a magical pair you have grown to be! May the both of you grow up wise and healthy!”

“Double the children and double the joy and celebrations with the magical pair. Happy Birthday! May God bless you with all the happiness you ever wished for.”

“Hey there. Twins! I hope your day is off to an amazing start under the big green (and blue) sky. Here’s to a year filled with new memories and adventures.”

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