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95 Birthday Party Invitation Messages For Friends

Birthday Party Invitation Messages For Friends 1

Birthday Party Invitation Messages For Friends

Birthday Party Invitation Messages and  Quotes for Friends. You’ve decided to throw a birthday party for someone special, and you want to make sure that the invitations you send out are written correctly. Carefully chosen words can set the mood for the party and help your guests know what to expect. You’ll find a variety of ideas below that range from funny to deep, social to tasty, and are good for people of all ages. Friends and family will have fun when they get these party invitations in the mail.

Birthday Party Invitation

“I think you’re the best friend a girl or boy could have, so I’d love it if you could help me celebrate my birthday.”

“Friends and cake are the best things in the world. Help us make sure everyone remembers this year’s birthday (name).”

“You are warmly invited to a party to celebrate the birthday of our honored guest, who will be there.”

“We would love to have you join us as we celebrate the birthday of (name).”

“A guest like you makes parties fun! Join everyone else in the celebration! Today, (name), a very close friend of ours, turns another year older.”

Birthday Party Invitation Messages For Friends

Happy Birthday Party Invitation Messages For Friends

“It’s time for the family; it’s time to have some fun; come on, let’s have a party outside! (Name) will play the part of (age). Come and make his or her birthday extra special to make it a day to remember.”

“Come celebrate with the old and wrinkled, because it’s our friend’s birthday again!”

Birthday Party Invitation Messages

“If you could come to the birthday dinner of (name), it would mean a lot to us.”

“This party will be hard to beat since the food was so good and the cake was so sweet. We’d love for you to join us in honoring our dear friend’s birthday.”

“Buddy, come over and help me throw a great birthday party!”

“You have been a loyal friend to me for a long time. I can’t think of any other way I would want to spend my birthday than with you.”

“Even though I haven’t reached the end of my life yet, you will always be my friend. Come have a party with me as I turn another year older.”

“This (name) is a classic; it’s smart, sassy, charming, and honest! Come have fun with us at the party as we celebrate his or her birthday.”

“Oh my goodness, please don’t tell me that (name) is already 40! Come to our party and have some good times with us.”

“Come out and have fun with us as we celebrate (person’s name’s) birthday. At this point in his or her life, he or she needs as much help as possible from his or her family.”

Best Birthday Party Invitation Messages For Friends

“On (date) (date), (person’s name)’s fling will be in full swing. As a family, let’s show that person a lot of love.”

“Your presence at the birthday party we’re throwing would be greatly appreciated.”

“It would mean a lot to (name) to have you there with all of their friends and family to celebrate their birthday.”

“My dear friend, let’s get together and have some fun because (name) is turning (number) (age).”

“to all of my good friends! Come party with us as we celebrate the birthday of (name).”

“The only reason (Name) isn’t at the top of the hill yet is that he or she is too tired to keep climbing. Join us in the birthday celebrations with us.”

“(Name) is getting up there in age, no matter how you look at it. We want you to join us for a big piece of cake.”

Birthday Invitation Messages For Family

“You’re welcome to join us for dinner, have a glass of wine, and listen to the birthday person sit and moan.”

“All of us here would like it if you came to the party we’re throwing to celebrate the birthday of (name).”

“(Name) would be thrilled to have you join him or her, close friends, and family to celebrate his or her birthday.”

“Come help us celebrate the big birthday of our senior boy or girl; he or she will enjoy it.”

“Come join us in celebrating (name of person’s birthday). Don’t worry; if the candles on the cake start a fire, the fire trucks will be right there to put it out.”

“The time until the birthday party has started to tick down! Dear friend, we’re throwing a party for (name) birthday, and we’d love it if you could join us.”

“All of us would be very happy and grateful if you came to (name) birthday party.”

“You are cordially invited to a birthday party for (name). We hope to see you there!”

Formal Birthday Party Invitation Messages

“We’d be happy to have you celebrate your birthday with us.”

“We’d be grateful if you could help us celebrate another good year in the life of (name).”

“(Name) is celebrating their birthday today.”

“Let’s cut the cake, give each other a good shake, and have a party before our stomachs start to hurt!”

“You are cordially invited to join the celebrations for (name) birthday.”

“Come celebrate your mom’s birthday in the best way you can, (name) family!”

“(Name) is well into his or her senior years at this point. Let’s cross our fingers that he or she won’t get sick from the high altitude. Help us celebrate his or her birthday with you.”

“We’re going to throw the biggest party that anyone in this family has ever been to because (Name) is going to have a big birthday soon. Don’t miss out on this chance!”

Funny Birthday Party Invitation Messages

“Dear Friend, my birthday party is about to start! Come celebrate with us and join in on the fun!”

“We’d love it if you could help us celebrate (name) birthday, and it would be a pleasure to have you there.”

“Family, it’s time for our yearly tradition. Please join us. Let’s make (name) birthday’s a nightmare by embarrassing them as they’ve never been embarrassed before.”

“You are cordially invited to celebrate the birthday of our dear friend (name), who will be another year older on (date).”

“As (name) birthday approaches, the family should celebrate by going out and making a scene in the community. They have worked hard and deserve a night out.”

“Birthdays are the perfect time to get everyone in the family together. Let’s all get together to celebrate (birthday!)”

“We would be grateful if you could join us in celebrating (name) birthday.”

“Come to the party, and we can help (name) get past that problem together. It will take the work of everyone in the area.”

Best Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

“We would like to invite you from the bottom of our hearts to a very special birthday party.”

“Come help us celebrate the birthday and make some noise! Come help us celebrate (name) special day at the pool, where there will be fun for the whole family.”

“Please help with the birthday party as soon as possible. They are getting up there in age.”

“Since you are the best, I’m writing to ask you to respond to this special request and come to the birthday party for (name).”

“It’s a blessing to be a part of this wonderful family. Come to my birthday party, and we’ll make some great new memories together.”

“I’m afraid it will be too crowded by the time I’m done putting all the candles on my cake, but I still hope you’ll come and enjoy the show.”

“Your friendship has been a wonderful gift. Please help me have fun on my birthday.”

“Since (name) was born, the paper has been invented, which is lucky because if it hadn’t, we would have had to carve these invitations into stone. Come to the party and help us celebrate his or her long life.”

Good Birthday Party Invitation Message Samples

“The chick that was a baby in the spring is now an old hen or rooster. Come out from hiding and make a noise like the rest of us.”

“Good friends like you are a blessing. Help me celebrate the end of another year with a toast.”

“My friend, come raise a glass with me to the person who has lived the longest! Come help someone celebrate their birthday! (name.)”

“(Name) is now 29 years old again. Come to the party and have fun with us.”

“Now that another year has gone by, it’s time to celebrate (name) birthday once again. Surprisingly, he or she is still alive right now.”

“We’ll cook burgers on the grill for the whole family, and everyone will have a lot of time to just hang out and relax. Help us celebrate (your name) birthday! We hope to see you there.”

“Friendships tend to get better and more rewarding as time goes on. Join us in having fun as we celebrate the birthday of (name).”

“We’re having a party for dear old Pops, so it’s time for the whole family to pull out all the stops!”

What do you write in a birthday party invitation?

“All of my aunts, uncles, and cousins, say hello! Let’s wish the birthday person a great day as many times as we can today person a great day as many times as we can. Come help us celebrate (name) birthday with the rest of the (name’s) family. We want you to have a great day.”

“(Name) wants you to come to celebrate his or her birthday with him or her.”

“Everything in the world to me is this family’s name. If you could help us make his or her birthday the best one yet, we’d be very grateful.”

“Come listen to music, drink some drinks, and eat with us. Make sure you’re in the mood to party, because it would be rude to show up if you weren’t!”

“What’s up, people? (Name) has finally turned (age). Come celebrate with us and have a great time!”

“Let’s throw a big party and put on a good show for the family. (Name) is celebrating their birthday today.”

“Hurry! Let’s throw a party for (name) birthday’s before he or she gets so old that they or can’t move.”

“We’d appreciate it if you could bring some gifts for (name) birthday.”

“You are cordially invited to help us honor (name) birthday and celebrate his or her birthday with us.”

“Our little brat is having a birthday party, so it’s time to blow the horns and get out the party hats!”

“What’s up, buddy? Mark the date on your calendar, and please don’t be late—we’d hate for you to miss the birthday cake! Join us in making (name) birthday amazing.”

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