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100 Funny Instagram Captions For Selfies Of All Time

Funny Instagram captions for selfies of all time: We have a wide variety of the best caption ideas for Instagram and pictures you may use. You can use all of the funny memes for free. In that case, simply copy and paste the relevant quote to your page. We don’t mean to be provocative, but we occasionally just want to sprinkle some spice into our daily life and make cute photographs in our Instagram feed. But, of course, funny photographs aren’t everything, they need a very cute and appropriate caption to work its charm. To spice up your Instagram photos, browse through the funny messages captions that you can use for your images. I am not being snarky. I’m quite intelligent, I just don’t grasp things as you do. I’ve never seen anything that ugly on a man before, and yet, on you, it’s quite attractive.

funny instagram captions

That implies a lot of fantastic and entertaining memories that need to be recorded. If you post anything lackluster, you should pick a photo that best illustrates your friendship, and then go through the steps of finding the appropriate Instagram captions to express your humorous experiences. No incredible Insta-photo is complete without an outstanding Instagram caption. In any case, this can be hilarious, somewhat short, slightly bizarre, strange, cute, cool, enjoyable, even violent.

100 Funny Instagram Captions For Selfies Of All Time

“Tell them to go out there and win one for the Gipper with everything they’ve got.”

“Life is a banquet, and the majority of the unfortunates are starving to death!”

“I am the world’s ruler!”

“Mama used to say that life was a box of chocolates. It’s impossible to predict what you’ll get.”

“I have a feeling we’re no longer in Kansas, Toto.”

funny instagram captions

“Maintain a safe distance between you and your friends, but a safe distance between you and your adversaries.”

“We have a communication breakdown here.”

“A friend in distress is a friend to avoid.”

“It’s not about who you’ve known the longest when it comes to friendship. It’s about somebody coming into your life and saying, “I’m here for you,” and then going out of their way to show it.”

“Throughout your life, you may come across someone who is never bored by your conversations.”

“Friendship is made up of a million little things, not one huge thing.”

“It’s not about who you’ve known the longest when it comes to friendship. It’s about the person who entered your life and said, “I’m here for you.”

“You have to quit crossing oceans for folks who wouldn’t jump in puddles for you at some point.”

“The human brain is a fantastic tool. Everyone should have one, in my opinion.”

funny instagram captions

“My previous phone failed the swimming test, so I got a new one today.”

“Is it possible for Bob the Builder to change my poor attitude?”

“Is it okay if I photograph you? I enjoy gathering photographs of natural calamities.”

“Cousins exist so that our parents can compare their grades.”

“People like, love, want to be with, and notice you without having to jump very high. All you have to do is be yourself, and you’ll be accepted exactly as you are.”

“Stop acting like a zombie. Find something exciting to do with your life; otherwise, you’ll be walking dead.”

“I placed my best foot forward first, then my worst foot, and last, my finest foot.”

“Despite how brilliant they are, insecurities may cause even the brightest and most beautiful people to question themselves.”

“Continue to smile and make someone’s day better.”

funny instagram captions

“Be a ray of sunlight for someone else. Today, be the source of someone’s smile.”

“When you can’t seem to find the sun, be the sun.”

“The happiest individuals don’t just get the finest of everything; they create it.”

“Be content. It makes people insane.”

“A physical and loving connection trumps mental stimulation and an emotional connection between two individuals every time. Having all of the aforementioned, on the other hand, is much more potent and important; what did Charles Dickens put in his spice rack? Thymes at their best, and Thymes at their worst.”

“Even the calendar goes WTF after Tuesdays.”

“The refrigerator is a perfect example of what counts on the inside.”

“Nothing is truly lost until your mother is unable to locate it.”

“If there was an award for being a slacker, I’d have someone pick it up for me.”

funny instagram captions

“Math lesson is like viewing a foreign film with no subtitles for me.”

“Ever is the last name, while Ever is the first name. The best.”

“* insert palm tree emoji * Keep Palm and Carry On”

“The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are chirping, and the lawnmower is broken on a wonderful summer day.”

“Summer: The color of your hair lightens. The skin darkens. The water warms up. The temperature of the drinks drops. The volume of the music increases. The nights are getting longer. Life improves throughout time.”

“Some people come into your life and have such a positive impact that you can barely remember what life was like before they arrived.”

“Friendship isn’t a huge deal. It’s a slew of minor details.”

“I’ll stop wearing black once they make a darker color. Fall Out Boy’s Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)”

funny instagram captions

“This might be the night when my dreams reveal themselves… All of the stars are getting closer. — Kendrick Lamar & SZA’s All the Stars”

“It doesn’t matter how much it costs to feel like a boss and gaze at the stars, because everyone wants to be famous. — Everyone Wants to Be Superorganism Famous”

“When you finally get comfortable in bed, and then BAM, you have to go to the bathroom.”

“Some people have the appearance of clouds. It’s a lovely day once they’ve gone.”

“You should bring a lunch if you’re expecting me to give a crap. It will take some time.”

“My bed is a magical location where I suddenly realize all of the things I’ve forgotten to do.”

“There should be a holiday honoring all of the brave souls who show up for work on Mondays.”

“Every 60 seconds, a b-tch posts a motivational message that she doesn’t follow.”

“Never allow yourself to be treated like a yellow Starburst. You have the appearance of a pink starburst.”

“I’m attempting to forget about it, but the recollections are too vivid.”

funny instagram captions

“How can you tell if your partner is gaining weight? She wears your wife’s clothes.”

“I was under the impression that this was the United States of America.”

“Because Instagram is down, simply tell me about your lunch.”

“I’m not going to try to fit in. I was born to be noticed.”

“I don’t always make sense, but when I do, it’s because I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“Are you going to eat that?”

“There is only one nightstand, but there are far too many books to put on it.”

“Good morning, lovely! I hope I didn’t wake you up, and if I did, I apologize, but I just wanted to tell you that you’re an incredible and lovely person, and I wish you a wonderful day!”

“Feel free to touch my sweater, girl. Do you have any idea what it’s made of? Boyfriend-worthy.”

“A clever person finds a solution to a problem. It is something that a prudent person avoids. It was made by a moron.”

“That moment when you realize you’ve outgrown your childhood.”

“Sometimes someone enters your life completely unexpectedly, catches you off guard, and completely transforms your life.”

“I adore the fact that you are my person and I am yours, and that we shall open any door together.”

“Is a redhead who works in a bakery considered a gingerbread man?”

“If only we could go back in time…”

“Keep smiling because life is a great thing with plenty of reasons to be happy.”

“What if I told you that you could eat without having to post it to Instagram?”

“Thank you for reducing my sense of isolation.”

“Why would I trust a product that four out of five dentists recommend if they make their money off bad teeth?”

“I’m confident that my perfect soul partner exists somewhere in the Universe. However, finding her is far more difficult than simply remaining at home and ordering another pizza.”

“I’m quite aware that the voices in my head aren’t genuine. But now and then, their ideas are simply fantastic!”

“My prince isn’t riding a white horse… he’s clearly riding a turtle somewhere, befuddled.”

“I spend a lot of time hunting for solutions while holding the refrigerator door open. There’s also food.”

“How do I feel when I don’t have any coffee? Despair.”

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but forget about the fruit if the doctor is cute.”

“I’m a smart person who makes foolish decisions.”

“Alcohol will give you a different kind of superpower!”

“A beautiful lady appeals to the eye; a knowledgeable woman appeals to the intellect, and a pure woman appeals to the spirit.”

“Without you, the morning is a dwindling dawn.”

“Love is the state of mind in which another person’s pleasure is vital to your own.”

“True love stories never conclude.”

“Every successful man has a woman by his side. Another lady is frequently at the root of a successful man’s downfall.”

“When one person says to another, “What! You Too?” Friendship is formed. I believed I was the only one who felt this way.”

“All that matters is that you love your life — that you are happy.”

“Take advantage of every opportunity you are given in life because some things only happen once.”

“I’ve never thought of myself as sexy. I feel better if people think I’m cute.”