35 Greatest Quotes About Appreciate And Sayings

greatest quotes about appreciate and sayings

Our collection of I appreciate you quotes will give you plenty of ideas on how to express your thanks to someone who is well deserving of it. The words and messages in these appreciation quotes and sayings can help express your thoughts of gratitude and are a great reminder for us all.

You have to appreciate the finer points of your work; criticize, too, if needed. I am also my own worst and most honest critic. I can say things which nobody will ever dare say. Even the best of friends will stop at a point, whereas I can go beyond. May these Appreciation Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that 40 quotes about appreciation.

1. “Blake & Murphy didn’t seem to appreciate who I was and what I was doing for them. After losing the NXT Tag Team Championship, they went on a long losing streak. They needed me yet just used me as an accessory.” — Alexa Bliss

2. “It’s so great to watch sports live. I think everyone should watch it up close once, if possible. I would like to see every sport live at least once to fully appreciate what’s happening on the court or on the field or on the ice or whatever the playing surface may be.” — Diane Lane

3. “People appreciate it when you take some time to think about who will be listening to your jokes.” — Seth Meyers

4. “I greatly appreciate being asked to be part of President-elect Trump’s team and I will continue to enthusiastically support him and his agenda for American renewal.” — Betsy DeVos

5. “I think of it this way: When you hear that people have downloaded your comic, appreciate that thousands are eager to hear what you have to say. The poetry club down the hall may not have the same problem. That’s a good problem to have.” — Mark Waid

6. “I’ve always struggled so much just to appreciate myself.” — Chaka Khan

7. “People outside of the faith really appreciate Mosaic and really love what we’re doing.” — Erwin McManus

8. “Injury, in general, teaches you to appreciate every moment. I’ve had my share of injuries throughout my career. It’s humbling. It gives you perspective. No matter how many times I’ve been hurt, I’ve learned from that injury and come back even more humble.” — Troy Polamalu

9. “I think, at some point, all of us – I’m gonna speak personally, not for everybody else – you’re gonna feel like a one-trick pony, and you might even be a one-trick pony. But at some point, if it’s a really good trick, everybody’s still gonna appreciate it.” — Chris Stapleton

11. “I’ve learned over the years to appreciate God’s timing, and you can’t rush things; it’s gonna happen exactly when it’s supposed to.” — Sevyn Streeter

12. “I was very flattered when Disney Junior reached out and invited me to come to voice Ariel for this special primetime edition of ‘Sofia the First.’ As the parent myself, I really appreciate the positive messages that this animated series is trying to put out there.” — Jodi Benson

13. “If reggae comes from another country, you can have the relationship to reggae that I have to rock. But it’s something I grew up with. It’s probably something I appreciate more now. In the ’80s, I was all about New Wave and synth-pop – New Order and Depeche Mode and Eurythmics and Michael Jackson and tons and tons and tons of Prince.” — Marlon James

14. “I have been able to get a small audience. It’s not a huge audience, but it’s enough to make it possible to play. I appreciate that.” — Lee Konitz

15. “When I was younger, I thought LisaRaye sounded so country, but I’ve come to really appreciate my family-given name. I was named after my father, David Ray McCoy, and I’m totally a daddy’s girl.” — LisaRaye McCoy-Misick

16. “I’m not saying anything to denigrate ‘Criminal Minds’; that’s a great show. I just didn’t appreciate it anymore. I appreciate those people, but I realized my heart wasn’t in and I needed to go because plenty of people would rip their arm off to be on that show, so they should be.” — Paget Brewster

17. “I think women need to appreciate ourselves, and I think we need to really go after our dreams. Us Latinas tend to sacrifice too much for our husbands, our families, and our kids. We sometimes give up on our dreams in order to help the ones we love. I think it’s important to feel accomplished and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.” — Sandra Echeverria

18. “It feels good to have a body of work that, 30 years later, people show up and say, ‘Man, we appreciate you.’” — Eric B.

19. “All my success seems to come straight away, and it’s not until later that I get to appreciate it. Like with ‘Popstars,’ I won the competition, and now I look back and go, ‘God, I was lucky to have number-one singles and albums.’” — Sophie Monk

20. “He’s working a lot harder than I am. I tell these people that we really appreciate what they’re doing for us.” — Mark Kelly

21. “I’m a married gay man, so you might think that I appreciate the government forcing a Christian baker or photographer or florist to act against their religion in order to cater, photograph, or decorate my wedding. But you’d be wrong. A government that can force Christians to violate their conscience can force me to violate mine.” — Dave Rubin

22. “Y’know, I don’t like jazz much. I’ll put it on once in a while and listen, and I’ll appreciate it.” — Joe Perry

23. “’ Kind of Blue’ is one of the best records of all time. Miles’ use of space is something rap fans can definitely appreciate. Sometimes you have to let the track breathe and throw a melody in here and there. He never did too much on ‘Kind of Blue.’ It’s the perfect vibe.” — Freddie Gibbs

24. “I live in a constant state of gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation for the second chance I was given, so anytime in any film, when that is given to someone, I always appreciate it.” — Shawn Michaels

25. “Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways.” — Bob Nelson

26. “For years now, long before I became House majority leader, I have been passionate about foreign affairs because I believe that anyone who leads in Washington must appreciate the significance of America’s role in providing for global security and prosperity.” — Kevin McCarthy

27. “Shoutout to Latinas! You’ve been great at supporting me, and I appreciate you!” — Christina Milian

28. “I came when I was in high school as part of a student exchange program with the Jewish Community Center in New Jersey, to Ramat Eliyahu. You come and volunteer for five weeks at a day camp. I was a teenager – I couldn’t really appreciate it as much, and now I come back as an adult and I can really get the flavor of the city, and I love it.” — Zach Braff

29. “I’m not going to go to a producer that’s going to take me in a studio and charge me my whole budget and give me a fake head nod. I’m just trying to make good music. I appreciate everybody that’s supporting me.” — French Montana

30. “The great thing that I appreciate – the fact that my godfather, William ‘Sticky’ Jackson, was a Tuskegee Airman because my father was first born in Ozark, Alabama. The sacrifices and the commitment of those men made it possible for myself and many others.” — Allen West

31. “There will always be someone else with a different view than you. I appreciate them and would never say that they are wrong. I hope that they would give me that courtesy also.” — Melissa Etheridge

32. “I didn’t appreciate how special and sometimes strange my CIA world was – until it suddenly and spectacularly ended in a newspaper column.” — Valerie Plame

33. “You cannot underestimate the value of luck in success in life. And I’ve really learned to appreciate that.” — Azim Premji

34. “I still very much appreciate the storytelling of the best rappers.” — Alex Turner

35. “I appreciate people who try and use language in an interesting way.” — Jarvis Cocker

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