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35 Greatest Quotes On Focus And Sayings

Greatest quotes on focus and sayings that will boost your concentration
Staying focused in life is key. In the face of problems, we can either obsessively analyze or complain about the problem or focus our attention on solving it. Some of the toughest problems of existence have been overcome by individuals who are not able to lament, who have worked to find an answer to this issue.  Here are some 35 best quotes on focus and expression that improve your motivation and encouraging words to raise your motivation and enable you to reflect on what counts in your life.

Greatest quotes on focus and sayings that will boost your concentration

1. “My focus had always been the on-side. My coach wanted me to work on the offside strokes since he was convinced of my ability and timing on the leg side. I worked hard and firmed up my defensive technique. I am happy getting runs all around the wicket now and getting a lot of boundaries. No one calls me a ‘leggie batsman’ anymore.” — Virat Kohli

2. “I always had a sense of discipline in me. However, there was a time when I couldn’t divide my time properly between off-field things and on-field assignments. The focus would be missing at times, and that would affect my preparation for matches. I managed to change that.” — Virat Kohli

3. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that hurt people hurt people, and kindness is just as contagious. So if you can focus your efforts on engineering kindness, it will prevail.” — Whitney Wolfe Herd

4. “I focus on spiritual wealth now, and I’m busier, more enthusiastic, and more joyful than I have ever been.” — John Templeton

5. “I focus on my own job.” — Lando Norris

6. “Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.” — Jack Canfield

7. “One habit that’s important for keeping me mentally healthy is having meaningful conversations with the people around me. That’s a habit that fuels my body and my mind. I also like to go to the beach and write, and I’ve been trying to focus on giving myself time to be alone.” — Katelyn Ohashi

8. “I adore the challenge of creating truly modern clothes, where a woman’s personality and sense of self are revealed. I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman.” — Vera Wang

9. “I’ve got so much going on in my day job. And I’ve been around politics enough to know all the swirl that’s fit to print, and so I focus on the reality of the here and now.” — Tom Perez

10. “I learned to focus my energy on high-quality, long-term projects rather than lower-quality projects with quicker payoffs.” — Steven Pinker

Staying positive quotes about focus for inspiring encouragement

11. “Many people focus on my power and talk about my power, but I have many more qualities in the ring. I like to surprise everyone.” — Canelo Alvarez

12. “In London, it’s easy not to be the focus of attention, especially when Sting lives in the house just behind you.” — Victoria Wood

13. “We need to re-engineer companies to focus on figuring out who the customer is, what’s the market, and what kind of product you should build.” — Eric Ries

14. “I did not grow up around computers, so technology was not a tool used every day in my household. I was drawn to computer science due to the creative nature of programming and the technology focus.” — Kimberly Bryant

15. “If I have on a bright red lip, you’ll rarely ever catch me with eyeshadow on. It’s one or the other for me – pick one feature for the day and really focus on that.” — Solange Knowles

16. “I was fortunate to have a grandfather who was an optometrist. Vision therapy was something that we routinely did to strengthen our eyes and give us better focus. I was fortunate that he could teach me techniques that are still paying dividends for me to this day.” — Larry Fitzgerald

17. “I started modeling when I was about 2 or 3 years old; I started with Baby Guess, and I did Guess Kids, and that was the extent of my modeling career as a kid. I took all of my elementary, middle, and high school years off to focus on school and sports.” — Gigi Hadid

18. “In Washington, I will focus on creating a climate that helps create jobs and opportunities for Americans.” — Thom Tillis

19. “We always focus on the quality of music because as long as the content is good, then the interest will be there.” — G-Dragon

20. “Using social media to hurt and destroy is callous, acted out by cowards hiding behind computers. My advice is to ignore negativity. Focus on the love around.” — Martin Garrix

Inspirational quotes about focus and positive sayings

21. “There are all kinds of features that will become part of cell phones that will help us offload the more laborious things of life and let us focus on doing the things humans do well, like abstract thinking and creating.” — Martin Cooper

22. “We want things to go perfectly, so we naturally tell ourselves that we’ll get started once the conditions are right or once we have our bearings, when, really, it would be better to focus on making do with how things actually are.” — Ryan Holiday

23. “Left-wing shareholder activists seek to leverage the mass economic power of institutional investors such as pension funds, whose managers are supposed to focus strictly on their fiduciary responsibilities to retirees.” — Elaine Chao

24. “I was the person, I think, who first said the evening of September 11 that we shouldn’t hold this against the Arab community, the Muslim community. We should focus on the individuals and those groups that were involved and not participate in group blame.” — Rudy Giuliani

25. “I went to the University of Maryland for a year and was considering maybe, you know, being a medical doctor but decided my other interest was maybe flying airplanes in the Navy and just kind of changed my mind and changed schools and changed majors and decided to focus a hundred percent on that.” — Scott Kelly

26. “Earnings don’t move the overall market; it’s the Federal Reserve Board… focus on the central banks, and focus on the movement of liquidity… most people in the market are looking for earnings and conventional measures. It’s liquidity that moves markets.” — Stanley Druckenmiller

27. “I’m the only girl on The Food Network who grills – I have two bestselling grilling books. I try to really focus on what men and women can do outside together out on the grill. I think it’s really fun to have men and women out there together, having fun, working, and enjoying themselves.” — Sandra Lee

28. “It’s all about tuning out the noise, tuning out all the stuff that simply doesn’t move the game forward – the doubt, the personal agendas, the often deafening fear of judgment and the need to please – so that you can ultimately get to that place of quiet, of calm, where you can focus on what really matters.” — Bonnie Hammer

29. “I have a certain pool of subject matter that I like to write about, things that interest me: politics, religion, ecology, and relationships between men and women. And that’s usually what I focus on.” — Don Henley

30. “I think one of the keys to any crime-prevention program that’s got to be developed is to focus on punishment – to let people know that there are a sanction and a punishment for hurting others.” — Janet Reno

Inspiring quotes on focus and words of encouragement

31. “When I’m driving, the fewer distractions there are, the better it is to focus on the job in hand.” — Lewis Hamilton

32. “There are lots of professions where your social following is key now. But chasing followers is strange to me. I’d rather focus on the work.” — Hero Fiennes-Tiffin

33. “Ashley Cheng, who I’ve worked with for 20 years, he’s the studio head in Rockville now. He manages more of the day-to-day stuff. I can focus creatively on what we’re doing now and what we should be doing in the future.” — Todd Howard

34. “The Demon character is something I draw on occasion. It’s something that requires a lot of focus to tap into and really requires the right situation for me to sort of draw on that darker side of my personality.” — Finn Balor

35. “Being obsessed with goals is bad for you. You should set goals, even ambitious goals, regularly. But focus on them only to the extent that they give you direction.” — Srikumar Rao

36. “It’s good to focus on the universal suffering that goes on in any war. Whatever the right and wrongs of the war, there is always universal suffering.” — Michael Morpurgo

37. “Being a mother changes perspective. Things that were once really important, the sole focus of your life, aren’t the same.” — Jessica Ennis-Hill

38. “No other youth group like the Scouts has trained so many future leaders while at the same time being a nature organization with its outdoor focus.” — Richard Louv

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