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35 Greatest Quotes On Joy And Sayings

greatest quotes on joy and sayings

Life is a collection of periods of pain or joy that follow someone in an unending series. Whenever suffering gets close to us, our only hope is to search for areas of love, joy, and healing. Our hearts will regenerate anywhere there is love and joy.

Find joy in life; the pure feeling of strength is ample pleasure. Joy has a really pure and innocent feeling about it. That is a feeling which reminds us of the innocence and all the pleasures of childhood. A clean spirit, open to the world’s magic, will always bring happiness. The perfect 35 best happy quotes on joy can be found in it. If there is just happiness in the universe, we will grow to be brave and compassionate.

Greatest quotes on joy and sayings

1. “Music was my joy, my home, the one place I felt happy and secure.” — Lawrence Welk

2. “Joy doesn’t betray but sustains activism. And when you face a politics that aspires to make you fearful, alienated and isolated, joy is a fine initial act of insurrection.” — Rebecca Solnit

3. “When I design, I always pull from things that are significant to me. In my work, I search for happiness and then try to convey that joy in the clothes.” — Jeremy Scott

4. “The joy and the pain for me are about tightrope between being a cynic and being a romantic – the tug between barely believing in anything and hoping for everything.” — Phoebe Waller-Bridge

5. “No one who strives with full faith and heart for the blessings of eternal life will be denied. And how great will be the joy and how much deeper the appreciation then after enduring in patience and faith now.” — Henry B. Eyring

6. “My joy knows no bounds… I will devote all my energy and all the powers available to me to the service of Nigeria and humanity.” — Olusegun Obasanjo

7. “Life is a tragedy full of joy.” — Bernard Malamud

8. “Every bit of joy in my heart, you know, every smile on my face is yours. It’s awesome to be able to share that with somebody.” — Brantley Gilbert

9. “People like Nick Cave – that ridiculous, over-the-top doom, taking it to extremes – I find it uplifting because it’s like someone else is feeling what you’re feeling and putting it into their music. Someone expressing extreme joy is just as valuable; it’s just the fact that they’re expressing their soul through music.” — Matt Bellamy

10. “As a species, we are most animated when our days and nights on Earth are touched by the natural world. We can find immeasurable joy in the birth of a child, a great work of art, or falling in love.” — Richard Louv

Joy quotes on happiness about joy to journey and love

11. “Writing has become my great joy – I simply love it.” — Dawn French

12. “One of the reasons that I take such joy in being a trustee of the New York Public Library is the love of reading that I found as a child in the Saturday morning library events for preschoolers and first and second graders as I was growing up in Augusta, GA.” — Jessye Norman

13. “Ganesh Chaturthi is very close to my heart. The festival brings with it joy, love, and happiness for everyone.” — Shankar Mahadevan

14. “Love is the most powerful thing in the world, and you know, what love brings is joy.” — DJ Khaled

15. “I’ve had the fame and the joy of getting laughter – those are gifts.” — Mary Tyler Moore

16. “In the U.S., my whole life, I felt like I had to be the best and score more goals and run with more fitness so I could be the one in the limelight. I think that when I went to Sweden, I found the joy of being part of a team and contributing to everybody’s success.” — Christen Press

17. “We never taste a perfect joy; our happiest successes are mixed with sadness.” — Pierre Corneille

18. “Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.” — Kevyn Aucoin

19. “’Chocolat’ was a joy to make, as we were filming in beautiful locations in France and England. Lasse Hallstrom is such an amazing director – overall it was a wonderful experience.” — Carrie-Anne Moss

20. “Disney, who brought joy, arguably, to billions of people, was, perhaps, or had some… racist proclivities. He formed and supported an anti-Semitic industry lobby. And he was certainly, on the evidence of his company’s policies, a gender bigot.” — Meryl Streep

Powerful quotes about joy and laughter inspirational words of wisdom

21. “Motherhood is a joy! I have dreamed about being a mother since I was 12 years old, and there’s nothing disappointing about it.” — Evangeline Lilly

22. “I think WCW will kill any kind of joy in your life. I think I started hating money. The money they paid me was insane, but I would be off and fly a first-class airplane, luxury cars, and hotels, and then arrive at the arena and have Eric Bischoff tell you 5-10 minutes after 6 P.M. that you are off tonight.” — Bret Hart

23. “The spy genre is something which, as a fan of movies, a movie geek myself, I just love that cinematic joy that they bring.” — Pierce Brosnan

24. “It makes everything worth it; every weight that you lifted in the offseason, every swing that you took in the cage. When you feel like you came through for your team, and you see the joy on their faces, there’s nothing like it.” — Alex Bregman

25. “The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love. What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.” — Pearl Bailey

26. “There’s a joy in having the molecule of an idea, then testing it in front of audiences at secret shows that people only know about the night before.” — Mike Myers

27. “Musical theater is great; you get painted up, you get to play princesses and witches, and you sing. The joy alone of that can really carry a lot.” — Chris Pine

28. “But I do love horses. They are such an expression of joy.” — Diane Lane

29. “Man’s naked form belongs to no particular moment in history; it is eternal, and can be looked upon with joy by the people of all ages.” — Auguste Rodin

30. “I’m delirious with joy. It proves that if you confront the universe with good intentions in your heart, it will reflect that and reward your intent. Usually. It just doesn’t always do it in the way you expect.” — J. Michael Straczynski

Cute happy quotes about being happy and joy in the little things

31. “That never stops. That’s what drives you: the joy and excitement of doing what you love.” — Jerry Lewis

32. “How happy am I on a scale of one to 10? When you have a daughter, it’s 10 out of 10. It doesn’t matter what happens. The joy that I get from that, I try to give it to my football.” — Toby Alderweireld

33. “I have a good cry once in a while; it’s such a great release. Or it could be a cry of joy – watching your child being born or your child walking across a graduation stage.” — Raheem DeVaughn

34. “’Botanicula’ tells the story of a group of twigs, nuts, and leaves trying to escape with the life essence of a tree in tow before nasties from another world destroy them and everything else in their path. Yes, it’s a point-and-click adventure game, but behind every click, there’s a bit of joy to be found. Bugs sing. Bees dance.” — Rob Manuel

35. “If someone wants to say ‘I love you’ in a straight play, they say it, and then it’s the other person’s turn to talk. But in a song, you can sing about it for another three minutes. The musical form has that unique opportunity to express at length what joy really feels like.” — Marsha Norman

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