89 Heart Touching Quotes and Heart Touching Status

Saying I love you is one of the best ways to touch someone’s heart. These heart-touching quotes will show that a special person knows that they are special to you. Aside from actions, these heart-touching sayings can also let a person feel loved and cherished. There are so many ways to express your love, and these quotes would surely make your beloved feel loved and special. Share these short love messages and use them as WhatsApp stats

Here are some heart-touching quotes:

  • “I cherish the moments we spend together”
  • “I love knowing we can make it through anything”
  • “You are so sweet and loving”
  • “I want to be the reason behind your smile”
  • “The only time I smile at my phone is when I get text messages from you”
  • “My love for you has nothing to do with me. It’s all about the way you are and the way you bring joy to everyone around you”
  • “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”
  • “Love comforteth like sunshine after rain”
  • “Every atom of your flesh is as dear to me as my own: in pain and sickness, it would still be dear”

Heart Touching Quotes and Heart Touching Status

Heart Touching Quotes

1. I am already falling into the gravity of your love.

2. I can already feel the symptoms of being in love with you now that I have insomnia, mood swings, and forgetfulness.

3. A person in love can still smile even after becoming angry at the person they loves.

4. Being able to forgive someone for a huge mistake and still love them unconditionally is a sign of real love.

5. This may be a little early to tell you that you are a true friend, but I just cannot contain my perfect happiness whenever we are together.

6. Love is a word that comes alive when meaning is put into it.

7. No amount of force would be enough to stop me from thinking about you. And that is mainly because I would not choose to stop thinking about you.

8. You cannot hear me when I am screaming, and you cannot feel me when I am touching you.

Sad Heart Touching Quotes and Images

9. I fell in love with you not because of how you look, but because of how your heart glows for everyone.

10. I love you always and I hope you will not forget it.

11. I have felt true love because of what you have and also for what you don’t have.

12. Before you can say I love you to others, you must first learn to say I.

13. Whenever I am not with you, I feel so incomplete and I hate it.

14. Trials may come to us, but you are the sunlight that lights up the dark and the rainbow that makes my world colorful. I love you, sweetheart.

15. During hardships and adversities, that would be the time that you would see who truly cares for you.

16. True love is seen by the heart, not by the eye.

Heart Touching Status

17. You can always love one another, but if you cannot, just exchange the final two words.

18. You always make me smile; you just do not have an idea.

19. Never question the love that comes to you. Wait patiently for it, and when it arrives, treat it like you would treat a monarch on a visit.

20. No matter how far the distance is between the two of us, it would never hinder me from loving you.

21. No amount of worldly treasures is enough for me to trade my love for you. You are as priceless as no other gem in the world.

22. Whenever you are around, my heart feels so comfortable with your breeze because you are the coolest man around.

23. God has promised all of us that He would ensure our future is in good hands, and He gave you to me.

Heart Touching Emotional Love and Images

24. You have to realize your one true prince once you get the chance to meet him.

25. I have you in my life, and everyone is envious because of that.

26. I only have you inside my heart when all I want is to have you inside my arms.

27. Love becomes painful when it is already real.

28. We do not need anything as long as we love each other.

29. True love is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Do not take it for granted and cherish every bit of it.

30. The way I feel about you is like math. I add the love I have for you in my heart; I subtract any hate and multiply all the trust we have.

31. Some people can love one person, others can love two. But all I love is only you.

32. I may not be a warrior, but I can fight all life’s problems if you are with me, heart by heart.

33. Time would be too long enough if I am going to spend it with someone else. Yet if it is you, a long, long time would be never enough.

34. Trust is always the foundation of real love.

35. Love does not always last forever.

36. If I were given a chance to start all over again with a new identity, I would rather be myself still and stay in love with you.

Heart Touching Lines for Love

My love for you has nothing to do with me. It’s all about the way you are and the way you bring joy to everyone around you. Every morning of my life gives you a new reason to love you and to appreciate you for what you’ve given me.

37. We learn to love a person not because he is perfection, but because we have learned to embrace his imperfections perfectly.

38. I cannot stop thinking about you every second and every hour of every day. I think I love you.

39. You know that no one can love you as much as I do.

Heart Touching Lines for Love

40. I only came upon love when I met you, but when distance took us apart, I came upon the essence of real love.

41. I would be the bee, and you my flower. For I am already contented with the sweetness you share with me and no other flower would compare to you.

42. You should shout it out to the entire world if you love a person.

43. I would never want to be right again if loving you is wrong.

44. Things around us may change, but the one thing that would remain constant is my resistant love for you.

45. There is not a gap in time that I did not love you. I always did and always will.

46. There is no blindness in true love. It sees clearly but does not mind.

47. My heart may stop beating, but I will love you until it does.

48. A lifetime of loving comes after waiting for a lifetime for your one true love.

49. Love is present when there is respect, trust, and care.

50. My love cannot be measured by the number of times that I have said that I love you. It is weighed by how much I truly do.

Sad Heart Touching Quotes

There’s no way around it: breakups are heard. It’s completely normal to feel sad and alone, even if you broke things off yourself.

51. Loving someone unconditionally is not a weakness. It can become your strength that could lead you forever.

52. I would forever belong to you because you have my heart with you. I love you, honey.

53. An almost perfect relationship is made up of two imperfectly perfect humans.

54. Butterflies raid my stomach when I think about my special someone.

55. The stars may lose their light and the tides may stop rolling, but my friendship for you would keep going.

Heart touching love quotes and Pictures

56. There are no limits to true love.

57. I could almost feel your beauty; I do not need my sight to see because I am blinded by my love for you.

58. When you are willing to risk everything and forsake the opinions of others who are against your love, you should follow your decision. That is real love.

59. Time is seldom noticed by people who are deeply in love.

60. You hold the keys to my heart because you alone keep it.

61. I am not that popular, but I am thankful for that because you got to know me.

62. The moment you hear someone’s heart beating only for you, it will become the best melody in the entire world.

Heart-touching love quotes

With true love world is always beautiful, but if you haven’t found him/her yet, then with these heart-touching love quotes you can be sure you will find it. When least expected, true love will show up in your life.

63. I have loved you more today than I did yesterday, but today I will love you less than in the future.

64. You are the one that I found in my heart. I love you, sweetheart.

65. Keep yourself busy, and love what you are doing. That is the ultimate secret.

66. There is no telling how I love or like you. I just know that I am filled with smiles whenever you are around.

67. I would choose to fall in love over and over again with you. Even if this love would make me sad.

68. Once you feel love, you can never reverse it.

69. I am always thankful for having a true friend like you in my life. Thank you for sharing your friendship with me.

70. The mind looks when one is in love, it is not the eyes.

71. I can erase all the doubts in your heart about my love for you. Just put your ear next to my heart and listen to it calling your name.

72. Whatever love we have, we accept it because we think that we deserve it.

73. Hear every breath that I take, for it is saying that I love you again and again.

74. It is nothing compared to what you read in books or what you see in the movies. The only real experience of true love you can get is within the enclosure of my arms.

75. If you ask me to choose between breathing and loving, my last breath would be used for me to say that I love you.

Heart-touching quotes about life

Happy endings do not come from true love because it has no ending. This is the true meaning of Heart-touching quotes about life. Live love!

76. Words are not needed for two persons in love. One shared look and everything would fall into place. With you, I will never feel sad again.

77. Being in love makes you much more fearless than you could ever be.

78. Nothing could make my love for you fade away, not your mistakes, neither would your circumstances.

79. Whether it is a ghost or true love, still both are the talk of the town yet only a handful has seen them.

80. You know that you are way past infatuation and deeply enmeshed in true love when make-up and nice clothes are put aside when your guy unexpectedly arrives.

81. I always watch for my phone to light up and hope that it is you who has remembered me.

82. Our friendship would not work anymore because I am falling in love with you.

83. If you can compromise with me without any doubts and hesitations, then I believe that true love has finally found us.

84. No matter what mistakes you make, I still love you. But why do you have to do it so much?

85. Inconvenience in true love is not uncommon. If it is indeed true love, it surpasses all trials, bends without breaking, and strengthens the bond.

86. One failure in a relationship does not signal its immediate end. Sometimes you have to allow it to fail so that it will rear back again, yet stronger this time.

87. I cannot stop loving you even if I cannot do anything for you to love me.

88. There is no depth, no limits, no boundaries to true love.

89. I wish someday I could seek love with no traces of loneliness.

What Is Deep Love?

In relationships, individuals experiencing deep love may feel as if they have a strong, sympathetic relationship where both partners feel they can be autonomous yet remain intrinsically connected. For many, deep love feels powerful but effortless and can be fulfilling on multiple levels.

Heart Touching Emotional Love

  • “I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more”
  • “When you touch minds, people are willing to walk a dozen miles for you; and when you touch hearts, people are willing to walk a thousand miles for you; but when you touch souls, people are willing to walk a million miles for you”
  • “Never leave a person who touches your soul more than your body”
  • “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”
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What is love’s best line?

  • “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved despite ourselves.”
  • “In love, there are two things– bodies and words.” “Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.”
  • “The supreme happiness of life consists in the conviction that one is loved…” Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong.
  • “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”
  • “We accept the love we think we deserve.”
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When a woman wants your attention, she uses her smile. When she wants your wallet, she uses her charm. When she wants your heart, she uses her touch.

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