How to Get Things Done – 7 Smart Ways to Accomplish A Goal

In achieving goals, nothing is impossible. Dreams keep us going even during difficult times. They give us our raison d’être. You have to dream of being very successful at a certain point in life. No one really enjoys becoming a life-long loser. It has to be one of the greatest challenges facing humanity; staying focused in the rapidly-paced, technology-driven world in which we live. Information overload, a common phenomenon, work overload another. Yet remaining focused is perhaps the only way for us to get stuff accomplished and drive our lives and careers forward. So how do we keep an eye on the ball when he’s used to bouncing from court to court?

How to Get Things Done – 7 Smart Ways to Accomplish A Goal

Perhaps you have heard of the power of thought. You might have heard we are creating our own reality based on our own thinking. You may not believe that though. And I don’t blame you for that, and I know you don’t believe it.

I ‘m confident you understand that we’re just involved in consequences and whether we can produce our own success in our lives. That is what is really important to me. The problem is that most of us are using current outcomes to generate our thoughts. So you may be broke, in debt, have a job that you don’t like, or don’t have a job. These are the results that make bad thoughts come up and you feel bad.

Feeling negative, you are taught to consistently perform the same activities and ultimately you have the same outcomes (the negative ones). Can you see the problem? We think that it is based on current or appearance results.

Now, the good news is there is a way out. I am sure most of you agree that we, as human beings, are the only creatures on earth as far as we know, that can THINK, can create own THOUGHTS. Can you imagine a horse can do that? Can a horse think “Oh, I am so happy”? I very much doubt it. But we can create this thought. Even in the worst scenario, we can stop and generate a thought “Hey I am happy!” and start looking for the positive things out of this seem-to-be-negative situation. Isn’t it nice? This thought starts a chain reaction, leading to happy feelings, then positive actions, and eventually positive results! Positive results are the TRUTH.

Be yourselves. Much of the tension in our lives arise when we imitate others, consciously or subconsciously. The voice of a parent, an older sibling, maybe a charismatic teacher from school days, will often be here if we listen to ourselves.

Imitation is the most affordable way of living. It’s unnatural, and a sign we don’t even think for ourselves. And our consciousness, deep down, knows it. We are under the thrall of the personality of another, sometimes quite a few. Awareness is the only way free. Just think about what you’re saying and doing.

Can you see or hear your thoughts, words, and emotions on others? Don’t fight, don’t resist, just be aware and choose to say and do the things that you want to say and do … The real authentic you will gradually emerge from the shadows. So one day, turning to another would be your turn, so softly asking, “Be yourself!

How does it turn out …

1) Aim at one thing

Conlon quotes Confucius as saying, “He who chases two rabbits, catches none.” This is a simple idea. In terms of the multi-tasking argument, our minds just function at one thing a time. If you have many things to do you should concentrate on one thing at a time. Don’t hop around the task to task or you’ll lose your rhythm.

2) Remove Known Distractions

Get rid of whatever distracts you. Types of that maybe television, Web, Television, and music. Do nothing that will hinder your efficiency, and deter you from working on your job.

3) Calm The Mind

You may recommend doing relaxation techniques or meditation to continue the day. You begin with a relaxed mind and are prepared to address the obstacles in a competent and constructive manner. It’s easy to get upset about a really busy day when your mind isn’t calm. If your mind is calm, without the dread, you’ll breeze through the tasks.

4) De-crash

Every day de-clutter, or at least once a week. Do a quick pick-up, and get rid of your environment’s clutter. That becomes a real chore if you let things build up. If you do a little cleaning each day it will create better work, rest, and a relaxing environment.

5) Exercising

Your body releases neurotransmitters in your brain while you perform exercise that allows you to feel energized. To certain individuals (like me, to example, icon grin How to Get Things Done, it’s a pleasure I seek on a regular basis. Serotonin and endorphin rates rise with activity nearly instantly. They are only two of the chemicals believed to boost morale and make you feel nice.

6) Goal overview

Getting transparent on our priorities and expectations would help us concentrate and keep on track. It motivates us to keep working and to continue when we miss the motivation. If your goals are to decompose your home and be more organized, perhaps your goal is to reduce stress and calm down. The goal could be for another individual as they are putting their house up for sale and need the house to look nice and desirable. Clarifying your goals is important in order to maintain the motivation and to ensure that what you are working on is getting you closer to that goal.

7) Simplify

The more we simplify our lives and our jobs, the more work we get done. But we don’t just want to get work done, we want to get the important tasks done, the tasks that make a difference to the big picture. Many of us busy ourselves doing tasks that are unnecessary, wasting time on things that aren’t adding value to our lives or our jobs. If you can simplify and eliminate the unnecessary from your life you will have more time to focus on what is important, and it will also become a lot easier to maintain this focus.

What other methods do you use to stay focused?

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