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102 Heart Touching I’m Sorry Messages For Friends – What To Write In A Apology Messages Card

Heart touching I’m sorry messages for friends – what to write in an apology messages card. In our collection of sample sorry messages for husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, and boss you will surely find the heartfelt sorry wordings for all your near and dear ones. Sincere words of apologies can make many amends. Hope our collection of sample sorry messages and wordings will help you a great deal. Im Sorry Messages for Friends: The best apology text messages to send to your friend for hurting him or her.

Go the extra mile by scribbling your apology out on a greeting card. Gossip, being made fun of, talking behind someone’s back, or being mean – whatever the reason for your friendship going sour, don’t let a good friend walk away. Never let your stupid ego get in the way of apologizing to your friends. Friendships are too precious… don’t let yours become just another memory. Sample Sorry Message for You is a one-stop destination for sincere sorry wordings. See more ideas quotes about friends messages, friendship quotes, sad love quotes, im sorry quotes, sorry messages, apologize quotes, i’m sorry paragraphs.

Sincere Sorry Messages for Friends

#1. I wish I could take back all the pain from you and fill the space with the joys of friendship once again. I don’t know how much I can do with a simple SORRY. But I know you will understand!

#2. Our friendship is way too important than stupid ego or mistakes, so here I am, pledging your forgiveness. Please accept my apology, dear.

#3. Ever since I hurt you, I have been feeling really miserable. Let’s chill and be cool again! I’m sorry. Please forgive me!

Heart Touching Im Sorry Messages For Friends – What To Write In A Apology Messages Card

#4. I fight with you, I shout at you, I misbehave, I hurt you a lot, but I simply can’t live without you. I am sorry, friend.

#5. I am not sorry for fighting with you. But I am sorry that I fought with you for the wrong reasons. Please forgive me!

#6. Sometimes I take the liberty of taking you for granted because deep down in my heart I know that my best friend will always understand. I am sorry.

#7. The biggest failure in life is when you break the heart of a close friend. I will never be able to express how I feel inside. I am really sorry about everything!

#8. If I knew my actions would hurt my best friend, I would have thought a thousand times before doing that. You matter to me more than you think. I am sorry!

#9. I am extremely sorry for my behavior. I wish I were more careful with my words. I love you, my friend. Please accept my apology for this time.

#10. If I have hurt you with my words or behavior, I am really sorry from the depth of my heart. I can’t stay apart from you. I am really sorry.

Sincere Sorry Messages for Friends

#11. I wish I could take back all the hurtful things I have said or done and make everything just like it used to be. Please forgive me, dear.

#12. I know that “sorry” is just a word, but I promise to put action behind it if you will let me, friend.

#13. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to restore our friendship. I can’t apologize enough.

#14. My mistakes were many, but my apologies will be more if you will only accept them, a treasured friend.

#15. I’m only human, but I want to be a better one. I’m sorry for my attitude, friend.

#16. Friend, my world is sure to empty without you. I regret everything I said. Can we talk about it?

#17. I just want you to know that I didn’t do it intentionally and it just happened accidentally. I regret that it ended up like this. I love you, dear friend, and I am really very sorry.

#18. Sorry if it seemed like I’ve taken you for granted. I just wanted some solitude. I’m sorry to my bestie.

#19. You have to know that I appreciate our friendship like nothing else in this world, and I would do anything to make it up to you. I am truly sorry.

#20. I know I have not acted the way a friend should do, and for that I am sorry. I promise to make it up to you when I have the chance.

#21. I regret doing such a terrible thing to you, dear best friend. Your forgiveness will make my life better, I swear. Please accept my apology. I love you so much.

#22. I will never lie to you again. I will never cause you any more pain. From now on, I will be extremely cautious because our friendship is too precious. Please forgive me.


Sorry Quotes for Best Friend

#24. I miss you every moment of every day. It was very immature of me to hurt you like that. I am extremely sorry for hurting you with my words. I love you so much.

#25. Life does give a second chance to everyone. But, I am saying sorry to you right at my first chance because I can’t wait any longer to see a smile on that face again.

#26. I don’t have many reasons to say sorry to you. I can say sorry when I am guilty. I can say sorry even when I am not. Because our friendship means so much to me.

#27. I want you to know that I’m deeply sorry. If I have said something I should never have said, please forgive me.

#28. I didn’t mean to make you cry or hurt you, my friend. Can you please forgive me?

#29. I never meant to hurt you intentionally. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I’m sorry, my sweet friend.

#30. It was rude and disrespectful, and you’re right, it was respectful. I’m sorry, best friend. Please forgive me.

Sorry Quotes for Best Friend

#31. I’m sorry I haven’t been much of a best friend recently. Can you please forgive me?

#32. I could have sent you a thousand-word note saying how guilty I feel for hurting you. But life is short. So, I decided to say SORRY & resume our friendship right now. Because I don’t want good times to be wasted anymore.

#33. I’m sorry my dear friend. I just don’t know what to do. But I swear I tried my best to tell you all about it. I promise to be a better friend to you.

#34. In life, friendship is being tested. I lied to you because I love you. I need to protect you. Sorry if I lied to my friend.

#35. My friend, I didn’t mean to upset you. I lied because I had to save our friendship. I hope you understand. I wish to see you explain everything to you.

#36. Thoughtless. Careless. Insensitive. I’m sure you could add more words to describe me to that list, friend. I’m sorry for not considering your feelings.

#37. If you will let me make it up to you, I’d like to spend the day treating you to all your favorite things. I promise I will never be mean to you again, dear friend.

#38. How was I able to say such awful things to a great friend like you? Forgive me for being an idiot.

#39. A loving friend is life’s greatest gift. I’m sorry I caused this horrible rift.

#40. I’ll love you forever, my beautiful friend. May my deepest apologies help your heart mend.

#41. My world is all dark and dull when you don’t have a smile on your face. I know it is because of me that you are so upset. I am sorry dear friend. Please smile now!

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Apology Messages for Friends

#43. BEST friends tolerate the WORST in you. Thank you for being one. I’m sorry.

#44. Friends like you are one’s lifetime achievements. You have always been an amazing friend to me. I am deeply sorry for my mistake. Please accept my apology!

#45. You are a true gentleman and a great friend. It’s my fault for not realizing the result of my actions. I am deeply ashamed of that. A true friend like you deserves an unconditional apology. I am sorry!

#46. I’m honestly heartbroken that things are like this. I don’t want my mistake to ruin our friendship and it would mean so much to me if you could give me a second chance.

#47. I really don’t know where to start apologizing, but I want you to know that I’m deeply sorry and I hope we can still be best friends again.

#48. The best apology message to send to a friend you offended.

#49. Tell me what I can do to mend this gap between us caused by not being sensitive to what’s going on with you. I’m truly sorry to my lovely friend.

Apology Messages for Friends

#50. I was immature and ended up hurting you. I am sorry from the core of my heart dear best friend. Please accept my apology.

#51. I won’t say a word. The sweetest apologies are never said, they are felt. I am just going to let you look at the tears in my eyes until your heart melts. I am sorry.

#52. Now that we are apart because of my silly mistake, I feel how childish I was back when I did that stupid thing. Please forgive me, dear best friend.

#53. My friend is so sorry I hurt you.

#54. I’ve made mistakes before, but ruining our friendship would be the biggest one. Please let me fix this.

#55. My pride got in the way, and I made a fool of myself. Can you ever forgive me, friend?

#56. Friend, I was insensitive, and I apologize. Your feelings are important to me.

#57. Could we back up and try that again? I promise to do it right this time, friend. I’m sorry for making you sad.

#58. The best way to say sorry to friends is to look them in the eye and bear your heart. If they really care for you, they’ll understand. That’s exactly what I’m doing now.

#59. I’m sorry for all the lies. It hurts you and I understand if you can not forgive me yet. But please always remember that I only did it because I care about you. I’m sorry.

#60. I am sorry I lied. I am sorry you cried. I didn’t mean to be rude. Please forgive me, dude.

Touchy Sorry Messages for Friends

#62. I am sorry for lying. You can be as mad at me as you want. But do it quickly because I’ve got something really exciting to tell you.

#63. There may never come a day when I disappoint you like I did yesterday. I ask for your forgiveness so that we can forever remain, great buddies, like we are.

#64. My precious friend, my heart is breaking over our last conversation. I am sorry for hurting your feelings. I never meant to. Please forgive me.

#65. Dear friend, my heart hurts knowing that I have caused you pain. Please look inside your heart to forgive me.

#66. I’m sorry for the hurtful words I said to you, my beautiful friend. I didn’t mean them, and I pray that you will forgive me.

#67. Please accept my apology, sweet friend. What I did was inexcusable, and I promise to never do it again.

#68. I hope you will be kind enough to forgive me one last time. Give me another chance and I promise that I won’t disappoint you again.

#69. I feel terrible for causing trouble and making you feel so low. I ask for your forgiveness from the depth of my heart, dear friend. Please forgive me.

#70. I am painfully aware that the things I said were awful, but I regret every single word. Our friendship is one of the best things that has happened to me, and I do not want to see it end like that. I sincerely apologize.

Touchy Sorry Messages for Friends

#71. I know I should have put more faith in you, but I ended up acting in a way I should not, and for that, I am terribly sorry.

#72. I know that it may have seemed like I did, but I did not mean to make a fool out of you like that. My actions were unintentional, and I feel terrible. I hope that one day you will choose to forgive me.

#73. You are the sweetest person I have ever known. How can I possibly remain normal after hurting you? So I am saying sorry to you now. Will you forgive me?

#74. If you add a little bit of salt to too much sugar, it remains sweet. Our friendship is just like that. I may have made some silly mistakes, but I don’t hesitate to say that I am sorry!

#75. My world is all dark & dull when you don’t have a smile on your face. I know it is because of me that you are so upset. I apologize, dear friend. Please smile now!

#76. I haven’t found any better friends in my life than you. Every moment with you is like a moment spent in heaven. I feel truly sad because I have hurt someone so special to me. I am sorry!

#77. I look in the mirror and I see a person who is devastated by his own mistakes. A person who is crushed by guilt. A person who desperately wants to be forgiven by his dearest one. A person that says SORRY.

#78. Life has been way too unforgiving for me. I know I make mistakes, but you have always been kind to forgive me again and again. I am sorry to you for one last time.

Forgiveness In Friendship Quotes

#80. Hi friend! Please don’t get mad at me if I forget to greet you on your birthday. Honestly, I feel so terrible about it. I hope you had a wonderful day on your birthday. Belated happy birthday!

#81. I may forget to greet you on your birthday, but I will never forget you. I’m sorry if I forgot your birthday and I’m sorry if I didn’t come to your party. Sending you my warmest belated happy birthday wishes.

#82. No excuses. Only an apology and a promise to do better. I’m sorry, my friend.

#83. Say you are sorry to a friend: I want you to know that I am truly sorry for all I’ve done.

#84. You can not imagine how important you are to me. That is why I feel so stupid that I have caused so much pain and suffering to you. Everything I’ve done up to this point was not intended to hurt you, but it ended up doing so. And for that, I am terribly sorry.

#85. I may not be as wise as you, but I am wise enough to see the damage I have caused to our friendship. I know you will forgive me in the end, but I am really sorry!

#86. I wish I could take back all the pain from you & fill the space with the joys of friendship once again. I don’t know how much I can do with a simple SORRY. But I know you will understand!

#87. No, I didn’t take you for granted. A little solitude and spare time are all that I wanted. Xoxo

#88. I feel bad that I hurt you. You were my true friend. I owe you an apology and I think this is the right time to say it. I’m so sorry for all the lies. So sorry my friend.

#89. I know that I hurt you. I hope you understand why I need to hide the truth. It is something complicated, but believe me, it hurts me too. You are my friend and I’m willing to do anything for your forgiveness. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please forgive me!

#90. Sorry is the only word I got here. But my tears mean the whole world. Sorry, my dear friend!

#91. I love you because you are my best friend. I thank you for all your love, care, and concern. At this point, I know you deserve some peace of mind. That is why I’m sending you my deepest apology. I hope you will forgive me.

#92. I know how you feel after knowing the truth. Sometimes I need to lie for our better friendship. I hope the time will come when you understand me well. Sorry friend, that’s all I can do right now.

#93. Dear friend, I just want to express my sincerest and deepest apology for what happened to us. I know I have been careless about not telling the truth. I want you to know that I really feel bad, but I hope we can work this issue out. Talk to you soon! Sorry.

I’m Sorry Quotes And Paragraphs For Friends

#95. You do not know how much I value your friendship and I do not want us to stop being friends just because I was a fool. I have known you since kindergarten and I do not want to lose you over nonsense. Please forgive me.

#96. Please accept my deepest apologies because I failed to come and greet you on your birthday. I just wish you all the best. Belated happy birthday!

#97. To hurt a friend is to break a bond. I regret the way I chose to respond. I apologize for what I did. I pray you can find a way to forgive me.

#98. It feels like forever since the last time we spoke. I want you to know that my life has not felt the same ever since I lost you as a friend. I am terribly sorry for everything I’ve done. Please forgive me.

#99. I know that you have always been the mature one between the two of us. So I truly hope that you will one day be able to forgive me for the horrible things I’ve done. I am sorry.

#100. If I can promise you one thing, it is that I will not allow stupid things like this to get in the way of our friendship. I value you way too much to simply lose you like this. I hope you can one day forgive me.

#101. Friends like you are not easy to come by. You are by far the best friend I’ve ever had in my life. That is why it is sad to see you go like this, especially over some stupid thing I did. I hope one day you can forgive me and we can continue to be best friends for life!

#102. I know I swore I was not going to do it again, but I failed. I hope you think about it and get back to being my best friend.

#103. How we went from being best friends to strangers, I still can’t understand. Life played its cruel game and we went our separate ways. Looking back and thinking about all the memories, I realize that I still care. Sometimes I wish I could just turn back time to when life was good and we were still friends. I know it’s late, but I am sorry for letting go.

#104. I wish I could take back all that I said last night. I know my words hurt you so much, and I’m really sorry for hurting you. Please forgive me.

#105. I did not mean to ridicule you in front of all your friends. It was a mistake and I want you to please forgive me. I know you have always defended me when I needed it most.

#106. How are you, my dear friend? I want you to know that I am extremely sorry for forgetting your birthday. On the other hand, if you can say yes, I want to make it up to you. I want to meet you sometime this coming weekend. I want to treat you as a birthday girl/boy.

#107. Oh no! I just can’t believe that I forgot to greet you on your birthday. I’m sorry and I am sending this belated birthday message to you. On the brighter side, my friend, you should thank me for forgetting your birthday because we will celebrate it longer.

#108. I know that because of what I did, I am a horrible person who doesn’t deserve someone as amazing as you as a friend. But truth be told, I value our friendship too much to just let it end like this. I am truly sorry, and I hope you can forgive me.

#109. I want you to know that whatever I did was not in the right state of mind, and that is why I sincerely apologize.

#110. Life has its own way of making you realize the value of friendship… and the worst part is that it’s always in hindsight. I miss you, my friend. I’m sorry for not keeping in touch.

#111. You’re my special friend and I want you to know that I’m really sorry for making you sad. Please forgive me, my beautiful friend.

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