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35 Inspiring Quotes About Prayer For Strength

Prayers for strength during difficult times. | Heartfelt Love And Life Quotes | 35 prayers for strength during difficult times. Bible verse about strength and courage “Be strong and courageous; for you shall cause this people to inherit the land which I swore to their fathers to give them. Only be strong and very courageous, to observe to do according to all the law, which Moses my servant commanded you.

inspiring quotes about prayer for strength

I hope that my day will begin and end in silence. A stroll in the countryside is an ideal setting for integrating fitness, reflection and contemplation thus maximizing the value of these practices. I hope that my day will begin and end in meditation. For everything, all the gifts in my life, I’m always grateful trying to stay that way. I think this is the perfect way to begin and finish your day. It holds all in focus. 35 motivating quotations from meditation for the courage to inspire your life. Top quotes about prayer of the List below.

1. “All my time not devoted to my master’s service was spent either in prayer, or in making experiments in casting different things in moulds made of earth, in attempting to make paper, gunpowder, and many other experiments, that, although I could not perfect, yet convinced me of its practicability if I had the means.” — Nat Turner

2. “A prayer in its simplest definition is merely a wish turned Godward.” — Phillips Brooks

prayer quotes for healing quotes on prayer

3. “I grew up in the Holiness Church, where prayer was an event.” — Iyanla Vanzant

4. “Of all duties, prayer certainly is the sweetest and most easy.” — Laurence Sterne

5. “I had one request when I started doing the plays. My prayer was, ‘God, let me do well enough to be able to take care of my mother.’ I was able to do that ’til the day she died because of my audience.” — Tyler Perry

6. “In my deepest, darkest moments, what really got me through was a prayer. Sometimes my prayer was ‘Help me.’ Sometimes a prayer was ‘Thank you.’ What I’ve discovered is that intimate connection and communication with my creator will always get me through because I know my support, my help, is just a prayer away.” — Iyanla Vanzant

7. “I believe in prayer. I pray every night.” — John McCain

prayer quotes powerful encouragement inspiration

8. “You’re not gonna get through life without being worshipful or devoted to something. You’re either devoted to your job, or to your desires. So the best way to spend your life is to try to be devoted to prayer, to Allah.” — Mos Def

9. “I believe in prayer and in strong belief.” — Tina Turner

10. “Prayer in private results in boldness in public.” — Edwin Louis Cole

11. “Prayer doesn’t work because someone out there is listening, it works because someone in here is listening. I’ve paid attention. I’ve pictured what I want to happen in my life. I’ve meditated extensively on my family, my future, my past actions and what did and didn’t work for me about them.” — Adam Savage

12. “Prayer is more than meditation. In meditation, the source of strength is one’s self. When one prays, he goes to a source of strength greater than his own.” — Madame de Stael

prayer quotes for healing blessing quote bible verses

13. “What keeps me sane the most is, honestly, the Serenity Prayer.” — Bryce Dallas Howard

14. “Each heartfelt prayer, each Church meeting attended, each worthy friend, each righteous decision, each act of service perfomed all precede that goal of eternal life.” — Thomas S. Monson

15. “The best way to obtain truth and wisdom is not to ask from books, but to go to God in prayer, and obtain divine teaching.” — Joseph Smith, Jr.

16. “To go to the synagogue with one’s father on the Passover eve – is there in the world a greater pleasure than that? What is it worth to be dressed in new clothes from head to foot, and to show off before one’s friends? Then the prayers themselves – the first Festival evening prayer and blessing.” — Sholom Aleichem

17. “Since 1775, when the first Continental Congress called for a national day of prayer, there have been such events called for by almost every President. I saw the figures – 34 out of 44 Presidents have called for a national day of prayer. Some of those who didn’t have died in office.” — James Dobson

18. “Let God’s grace be the mosque, and devotion the prayer mat. Let the Quran be good conduct.” — Guru Nanak

19. “Prayer and dependence on God have been our history. How unfortunate it is now that an unaccountable and unelected and misguided judge from Wisconsin, Judge Barbara Crabb, has declared National Days of Prayer – established by the Congress – to be unconstitutional.” — James Dobson

20. “Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day – like writing a poem or saying a prayer.” — Anne Morrow Lindbergh

21. “We should not permit prayer to be taken out of the schools; that’s the only way most of us got through.” — Sam Levenson

22. “Anything large enough for a wish to light upon, is large enough to hang a prayer upon.” — George MacDonald

23. “The heads of regiments are required to see that the troops join in prayer morning and evening as far as the service will permit.” — Toussaint Louverture

24. “It’s important to have a place where you can recharge. Everybody’s is different, but I do think it should entail quiet because it needs to be where you hear your spirit most clearly. For me, that’s the prayer room in my apartment. And since my home is 700 square feet, I mean the coat closet near the front door.” — India Arie

25. “It is a common temptation of Satan to make us give up the reading of the Word and prayer when our enjoyment is gone; as if it were of no use to read the Scriptures when we do not enjoy them, and as if it were no use to pray when we have no spirit of prayer.” — George Muller

26. “The joy which answers to prayer give, cannot be described; and the impetus which they afford to the spiritual life is exceedingly great.” — George Muller

27. “In rough times, pathfinders rely on work, friends, humor and prayer. They develop a support network.” — Gail Sheehy

28. “God’s first line of defense – and offense – for every situation is prayer.” — Joyce Meyer

29. “To ascertain the Lord’s will, we ought to use scriptural means. Prayer, the word of God, and His Spirit should be united together. We should go to the Lord repeatedly in prayer, and ask Him to teach us by His Spirit through His word.” — George Muller

30. “Every true prayer is a prayer of the Church; by means of that prayer the Church prays, since it is the Holy Spirit living in the Church, Who in every single soul ‘prays in us with unspeakable groanings’.” — Edith Stein

31. “My longing for truth was a single prayer.” — Edith Stein

32. “When fathers come home after a tough day at work, they should come home to serve, like my father did, teaching lessons around the dinner table and leading the family in worship and prayer.” — Tony Evans

33. “Those who give themselves to prayer should in a special manner have always devotion to St. Joseph; for I know not how any man can think of the Queen of the angels, during the time that she suffered so much with the Infant Jesus, without giving thanks to St. Joseph for the services he rendered them then.” — Saint Teresa of Avila

34. “Although all serious Christians recognize the importance that the Bible places on prayer, most fall short when it comes to doing it.” — Tony Evans

35. “Prayer in the hour of need is a great boon. From simple trials to our Gethsemane’s, prayer – persistent prayer – can put us in touch with God, our greatest source of comfort and counsel.” — Ezra Taft Benson

You’ll be happy to hear about my collection of inspirational God Give Me Strength quotes that helped me through my toughest times, and I hope they will do the same for you. Not so long ago, I was going through one of the hardest times of my life. There were moments when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I was so sad that I wanted to die. But, here I am, alive and stronger than ever! What helped me the most was reading inspirational quotes and God gave me strength.