55 Funny Party Invitation Messages

What to Write on Your Funny Wedding Invitations · We’re getting hitched! · Prepare yourself for hijinks and surprises at the wedding of the year. Your wedding day is the ideal opportunity to keep that humor rolling. Here’s your guide to funny wedding invitations — what to write, how to approach important details, and how to customize your invites to match your personality perfectly.

Funny Party Invitation Messages

Here are some funny phrases you can use for a surprise party invitation:

“Shh! It’s a secret”

“The first rule of this surprise birthday is do not talk about the surprise birthday!”

“Join us for a spectacular surprise!”

“You’re invited to a night of mystery”

You can also try these phrases for a more interesting invitation:

“We request the honor of your presence”

“We request the pleasure of your company”

“Together with our parents, we invite you”

“We ask you to be present with us at the ceremony uniting”

“We invite you to share with us a celebration of love”

Here are some tips for writing a fun party invitation:

Include the guest of honor’s name

Include a brief message

Include the date and time of the event

Include the location and address of the venue

Include a request and deadline for RSVP if applicable

Include any relevant information about the party’s activities and/or theme

Funny Party Invitation Messages

1. Join us as we say goodbye to the fun times and hello to married life!

2. You are invited to my party. Please come soon, dear. And don’t forget to bring the gift, it is mandatory here.

3. To encourage people to RSVP by the due date: Please respond by May 6th. If you respond on or after May 7th, you’ll have to figure out your own food and seating arrangements!

4. Please be at my party to bless me and have fun. You will have a bad sex life for one year if you don’t come.

5. You are invited to join us on (date) as we have decided to throw a dazzling party at our residence. Your precious gift items will make our smiles bigger!

Party Invitation Messages Invitation Wording for Party

6. To remind guests that it’s a themed wedding: It’s a Halloween wedding, so it’s time to get spooky. Forget traditional wedding guest outfits — wear something unusual and fun!

7. We invite you to be a part of the great gathering of friends at our home on (date). All you need is to bring a bunch of gifts for us so we can feel special!

8. To ask guests to submit a song to the DJ for the wedding reception: What’s it going to take to get you to bust a dance move? Write your favorite jams below.

9. To inform your guests that an open bar does not mean a full bar: Drinks are on us! Unless you do shots — that’s on you. Weddings are expensive!

10. Prepare yourself for hijinks and surprises at the wedding of the year.

11. Free beer! Oh, and a wedding too.

12. To ask for the name of their “plus one” if they have one: Who are you bringing to this wedding then, [Name]?

13. To get the best marriage advice before your big day: What’s the best piece of advice you have for us on our big day? Just please don’t talk us out of it — we already paid the caterer.

14. Love free drinks? We do too! Please join us to toast our happily ever after.

15. My dad has decided that this year he will celebrate my birthday. I welcome you all on his behalf at the party. Be on time and leave on time.

Funny Wedding Invitations That Will Have Everyone

16. Come celebrate our decision to (hopefully) not die alone!

17. You are invited to join us on (date) as we have decided to throw a dazzling party at our residence. Your precious gift items will make our smiles bigger!

18. To remind your friends that an open bar still has limits: Please enjoy our open bar, but remember that we paid professional photographers thousands of dollars to capture your drunken moments. For all time.

19. To direct people where to sit at your wedding ceremony: Grab a seat, on either side, you’re loved by both the groom and bride.

20. There will be a dance, drinks, and dinner. It’s my party, so of course everything will be paid. Please come to celebrate.

21. Sh** just got real. Join us on our big day on September 31st.

22. Say cheers and drink beers with us on our wedding day.

23. A great dinner party has been arranged for you on (date). My wife’s hospitality is first class but I can’t vouch for the taste of the food. You are invited anyway!

24. Witness our vows to annoy the hell out of each other for the rest of our lives!

25. You forgot to bring the gift last year. This time, no excuse will work. Please come with a due gift as well.

26. Make me feel like I’m worth your time by attending my party on (date) at (time).

27. I’m throwing a wild and thrilling party. All jungles are invited to have fun and make it exciting.

Funny Party Invitation Text Messag

28. Save our wedding date. If we forget it, we can always ask you.

29. To get suggestions for future kids’ names: We aren’t ready to graduate from being paw parents just yet, but if our puppy had a human brother or sister, what should the name be?

30. To ask about their meal preference: Dinner’s on us. What’s your order?

31. We’ll have drinks and have fun all night together. Please be with us as we celebrate our friendship. Don’t forget to bring your wicked humor with you as you come!

32. To ensure you get to see every last photo: We can’t get enough of ourselves. So please tag any photos on social media with #WillBeWed

33. To get guests to plan for a destination wedding: The best wedding gift you can give us is getting your passport in time. Especially if you’re part of the wedding party. So get your sh*t together now!

34. Inviting you to my party on (date)! Grace the party with your presence. Gift me your blessing and love.

35. Join me and my wife in celebration of her birthday! I love my wife, so please don’t come empty-handed.

36. To encourage guests to visit your wedding website: Before you ask, check our wedding website — we’ve got almost every detail listed there.

37. All the fun and excitement will be incomplete if you are not there to be with us on (date). You are cordially invited to do whatever stupid things we do at our home.

38. We can’t believe we want to get married either … but here we are!

39. We’ll be celebrating whether or not you’re there, but come if you wanna have an exciting time.

40. To remind guests to be respectful of magical moments: My fiance waited 10,367 days for this. We want to see your faces in the wedding photos, not your phones.

41. My party won’t be complete without you! But please, bring a gift. It makes me feel special.

42. We’re getting hitched! Be there on October 20th … or else!

43. Do you love me? If you do, please bring a gift for my party on (date) at (time). I’ll love you, too, if you do!

44. We’re tying the knot and there’s an open bar — what else do you need to know?

45. To all my Foodie Friends! You all are invited to my party to enjoy snacks and drinks and me.

46. We’re excited about years of gifts on wedding anniversaries. Turns out you need to have a wedding first, so here we go!

47. To ask about any allergies or intolerances: Weddings are for fun and dancing — not hurling and rashes! Do you have any food allergies or intolerances we need to know about?

48. We’re vowing to put up with each other for life. Will you put up with us (and our photographers) for one evening?

49. My party will not be complete until my friends are full. Come for the party at (venue), (time). The bar will remain open until you close it.

50. It’s time to party and make a scene on the dance floor.

51. To ask for evening snack ideas: We know snacks are the real deal. What should we stock the tables with for after-dinner treats?

52. To get date night ideas: We said “Until death do us part,” so we want to keep our marriage alive. What’s a fun date idea we can use as newlyweds?

53. Never again will our parents ask us why we’re still single. That alone is worth saying “I do.”

54. Come and watch us laugh while we try to say our “I dos.”

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